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WGUCh 9-FoundofTeach

WGU-Ch9-Foundations of Teaching-Ethical and Legal Influences

Teachers have the legal right to determine what is taught in their classroom, true or false true with certain limitations
teachers are responsible for the safety of the students in their classroom, true or false true
teachers are held to the same moral standards as other citizens, true or false false
the law prohibits any form of prayer in schools, true or false false, it just can't be led by teachers or admin
corporal punishment in schools is prohibited by law, true or false false, it is legal in 22 states
what are the 2 limitations of of laws affect the extent to which they gide our professional decisions laws are purposely general, they were created in response to problems that existed in the past, so they don't provide specific guidelines for future decisions
professional ethics set of moral standards for acceptable professional behavior
how does the federal government play its role in defining the rights and responsibilities of teachers and students through amendments to the constitution and specific laws enacted by congress
Civil Rights act of 1964 was influential how? by ending segregation in schools
Title 9 was influential how? prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender and helped equalize the amount of money spent on boys' and girl's sports
how do states influence education by passing laws regulating teachers' qualifications, working conditions, and legal rights, and they create depts. of education
licensure the process by which a state evaluates the credentials of prospective teachers to ensure that they have achieved satisfactor levels of teaching competence and are morally fit to work with youth
teaching contract a legal employment agreement between a teacher and local school board
collective bargaining occurs when a local chapter of a professional organization negotiates with a school district over the rights of the teachers and the conditions of employment
grievance a formal complaint against an employer alleging unsatisfactory working conditions
tenure is a legal safeguard that provides job security by preventing teacher dismissal without cause
what is the due process for charges filed against a teacher (9 things) notification, time to prepare rebuttal, access to evidence and witnesses, a hearing, right to lawyer, opportunities to introduce evidence and cross-examine witnesses, a school board decision based on evidence and finding of the hearing, a transcript of re
reduction in force (riffing) the eliminating of teaching postions because of declining student enrollment or school funds
academic freedom the right of teachers to choose both content and teaching methods based on their professional judgment
what are the five things courts consider in resolving disputes about academic freedom? teachers goal, age of the students, relevance of materials to the course, existence of policies related to this issue
copyright laws federal laws designed to protect the intellectual property of authors, including printed matter, videos, computer software, etc.
fair use guidelines policies that specify limitiations in the use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes
in loco parentis in place of the parents, that requires teachers to use the same judgment parents would in protecting the children
negligence a teacher's or other school employees failure to exercise sufficient care in protecting students from injury
in attempting to define the limits of teachers responsibiities in liability cases, the courts consider whter teacher (4 things) make a reasonable attempt to aniticipate dangerous conditions, take proper precautions and establish rules and procedures to prevent injuries, warn students of possible dangerous situations, provid proper supervision
notoriety the extent a to which a teachers behavior vecomes known and is controversial
establishment clause the clasue of the first amendment that prohibits the establishment of a national religion
free exercise clause the clause of the 1st amendment that prohibits the government from interfering with individuals rights to hold religious beliefs and freely practice religion
Buckley Amendment Family Eduacational Rights and Privacy Act which was an amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, federal act that makes students records accessible to students and their parents and states liable by possible withdrawal of federal funding
corporal punishment the use of physical, punitive disciplinary actions to correct student misbehavior
what are the elements for getting a license to teach state specific requirements
what are the procedures for getting a license to teach applying with the state, education, competency tests, background checks
what are the elements in teaching contracts they must comply with discrimination laws and are legally binding, issued by local school boards, collective bargaining typically through a professional organization
what are the procedures involved in teacher contracts collective bargaining, offered to teachers by school boards, if issue arises, teachers can file grievance
what are the elements of tenure protects teachers from political or personal abuses and ensures the stability of the teaching force, most districts require a probationary period before it is granted
what are the procedures involved with tenure teachers can only be dismissed for causes such as incompetence, immoral behavior, insubordination, or unprofessional conduct
what is the due process for teachers when charges are filed against them? 1)notification of the list of charges 2)adequate time to prepare a rebuttal 3)access to evidence and names of witnesses 4)a hearing, conducted by impartial decision maker 5)right to lawyer 6)opportunities to introduce evidence and cross examine witnesses
What are the elements of dismissal incompetence, over staffing, reduced school enrollment, dishonesty,
what is the procedure for riffing? typically , the district dismisses teachers with the least seniority and is regulated by state law or collective bargaining
Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act says that any educational institution federal funds can be withdrawn if it does any of these 2 things 1) fails to provide parents access to their child's records (2) passes any information on to 3rd parties w/out parental permission (3)
Under FERPA, schools must do these 4 things 1)inform parents of the rights regarding their child's records 2)provide parents access to their child's records 3)maintain procedures that allow parents to challenge/amend info they believe is inaccurate 4)protect against disclosure to 3rd parties w/out
what are the parents rights if they challenge the info in their child's records? hearing performed by uninterested party, attorney, written decision summarizing evidence from hearing officer, right to place an objection if file
Dept. of Education functioned w/out Supreme Court until 2002 regarding 2 cases, what were they and what was their significance? Gonzaga University vs. Doe-about sexual misconduct being passed to state Dept. of Ed., -no privately enforceable rights (can't sue for money) and Owasso Independent School District vs. Falvo-peer grading practices don't violate FERPA
Dept. of Education functioned w/out Supreme Court until 2002 regarding 2 cases, what were they and what was their significance? Gonzaga University vs. Doe-about sexual misconduct being passed to state Dept. of Ed., -no privately enforceable rights (can't sue for money) and Owasso Independent School District vs. Falvo-peer grading practices don't violate FERPA
Can a school transmit records to another school? Yes, as longs as the parents are notified, or the sending school has given prior notice that they routinely do it
How does the Individual With Disabilities Act affect FERPA? schools must hire interpreters if necessary to translate contents of student files to parents
What are the provisions for all federally assisted research or experimentation projects? all instructional materials be made available to parents, children cannot be required to participate if their parents object in writing
what is the Hatch Amendment? retained parents rights to review instructional materials, and further required parental consent before students could participate in federally supported programs involving psychiatric or psychological examination, testing, or treatment designed to reveal
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