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chapter 1 terms

sterile products exam terms

additive any drug or component added to an IV solution
admixture an IV solution with at least one medication added to it
ampule a sealed glass container containing sterile injectable medication
bacteriocidal an agent capable of killing bacteria
bacteriostatic an agent capable of inhabiting the growth of bacteria
bolus an initial dose of medication or solution useally a dose higher than the maintenance dose also called the loading dose
central line an IV access site into one of the major blood vessels this is the IV through which hypertonic fluids may be given
compatibility the ability of two or more components to be mixed together without physical or chemical degradation of any component
contamination the presence of a harmful or unwanted substance
continuous infusion an infusion given at a continuous rate over a long period of time
coring the breaking off part of the rubber stopper of a vial or container due to improper needle stick the cored part of the rubber stopper is usually pushed into the vial or container
critical site any opening or pathway that is at risk for contact with air or touch contamination
diluent the liquid used to reconstitute a powder drug or the liquid added to reduce the concentration of another liquid
infusion the slow administration of medication or solution via a parenteral route of administration
interavenous piggyback delivery of a secondary IV solution into a existing IV line
Loading dose an intimal dose of a drug that is used to achieve a desired drug level
multiple-dose vial a vial that is intended for multiple needle punctures and withdraws usually contains preservatives to maintain sterility
parenteral administrative of a drug via a route of administrative that bypasses the gastrointestinal tract
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