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chap 19

Government and politics

Authority power that is perceived by others as legitimate
Autonomous state model a theoretical model of the state that interprets the state as developing interests of its own, independent of other interests
Bureaucracy a type of formal organization characterized by an authority hierarchy, a clear division of labor, explicit rules and impersonality
Charismatic authority authority derived from the personal appeal of a leader
Democracy system of government based on the principal of representing all people through the right to vote
Dictatorship form of government where power resides in the rule of one person who acquires power through force and maintains it usually through having control of the military
Gender gap term referring to the differences in womans and mens political attitudes and behaviors
Government those state institutions that represent the population and make the rules that govern society
Interest Group a constituency in society organized to promote its own agenda
Interlocking directorate organizational linkages created when the same people sit on the boards of directors of a number of different organizations
Iron law of oligarchy process wherein a small elite become increasingly powerful as bureaucratic leaders become enchanted with their elite status and make decisions that protect their power
Military-industrial complex term used to describe the linkage between business and military interest
Monarchy form of government characterized by having a head of state who rules for life and where authority tends to be inherited
Pluralist model a theoretical model of power in society a coming from the representation of diverse interests of different groups in society
Political action committees groups of people who organize to support candidates they feel will represent their views
Power a person or groups ability to exercise influence and control over others
Power elite model a theoretical model of power positing a strong link between government and business
Propaganda information disseminated by a group or organization (such as the state) intended to justify the power of dominant groups
Rational-legal authority authority stemming from rules and regulations, typically written down as laws, procedures or codes of conduct
state the organized system of power and authority in society
Traditional Authority authority stemming from long-established patterns that give certain people or groups legitimate power in society
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