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Did you know gaming?

All about gaming

What was Mario's first game? Donkey Kong
What was Mario called in Donkey Kong? Jumpman
What was the first home console Nintendo made? Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or the FamiCom
These two games were made by the same producers, so they were made as different as possible: Super Mario Bros. and The Legend Of Zelda
What was Mario's first 16- bit adventure? (Hint: It was on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the Super Famicom) Super Mario World
What was Mario's first RPG game? Super Mario RPG; Legend of the Seven Stars
Who helped develop Super Mario RPG? Squaresoft
How did SquareEinx come to be? Squaresoft and Enix merged together
This character was made to battle the Mario games by Sega: Sonic the Hedgehog
MegaMan is called the ____ ______, and Sonic is called the ____ ____. Blue Bomber; Blue Blur
What gaming console changed the way we play games? Nintendo 64
What were two achievements that the Nintendo 64 did? 64 Bits; 60 fps (frames per second)
What was the first 3D Mario game? Super Mario 64
How many stars are in Super Mario 64? 120
How many stars are in the DS remake of Super Mario 64? 150
How many Mario Kart games are released per console? 1
which gaming device has the most Mario Party games? Nintendo Gamecube
How many games has Luigi starred in? 3
Pokemon games are mostly meant for: Handhelds
Name three Pokemon games that were for consoles. Pokemon Snap; Pokemon Colosseum; Pokemon Stadium; Pokemon Stadium 2; Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokepark, Pokepark 2
What are the two Mario RPG series that keep going on and on? Paper Mario series; Mario and Luigi series
In what game was Mario the Main Antagonist (Villain)? Donkey Kong Jr.
What Zelda game was made on a console, but remade on a handheld? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
What is a series where two rivals compete in sports? Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
How many of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games were made on consoles AND handhelds? 6
in what game do you play as Princess Peach? Super Princess Peach
What is the unofficial sequel to Super Mario World? Hotel Mario
What power-up gives you near invincibility permanently? Power Ring (Sonic The Hedgehog series)
What is the official sequel to Super Mario World? Yoshi's Island
How many games has Yoshi starred in? 6
What Mario games got TV shows for them? Super Mario Bros. USA (sort of); Super Mario Bros. 3; Super Mario World
Who is Sonic's sidekick and best friend? Miles "Tails" Prower
Who is Sonic's rival? Knuckles the Enchilada
What is a "Sandbox" Game that uses only cubes? Minecraft
What is it called when a PC game is edited? A Mod
Created by: LukerGamer