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let's go to work vocabulary

standard of living that way you live as measured by the kinds and quality of goods/services you can afford
wants nonessentials that enrich your life (eating out, entertainment, vacations)
needs essentials to maintain life (clothing, shelter, food)
high school diploma recognition given for completing 4 years of high school
associates degree recognition given for completing 2 years of college
bachelors degree recognition given for completing 4 years of college
masters degree 1 to 2 years of education beyond bachelor's degree
professional degree recognition given for becoming a lawyer dentist etc.
medical degree recognition given for completing medical school (pediatrician, surgeou, psychiatrist etc)
entrepreneur a person who organizes and manages or starts their own business
vocational degree recognition given for completing a trade or occupational program (electrician, plumber)
apprenticeship a program in which inexperienced people learn a trade on the job from skilled workers
internship short term positions that allow you to gain work experience in a field of study
abilities learned skills or things your good at
duty any action required by one's occupation (what you must do on the job)
skills expertness that comes from training or practice (drawing, sewing)
wage earning by the hour
salary earning regardless of the number of hours worked in a week
post secondary any education following high school
career path direction one's work life will follow
outlook number of openings in a career
prevailed in control, succeed
phenomenon profound
stimulus causes something to occur
emanating come forth
recoiling withdrawing, spring back
omnipotent all knowing, all power
induced brought about
lamet sorrow, grief
incoherence non awareness
hieroglyphica egyptian writing
indecipherable not understood
regressed fall back
catharsis release of emotions, feel better afterwards
warily watchfuly, cautiously
kindred bonded connected
sieve separate materials
reconciled reunited, restored a realtionship
deployed to spread out with percision
raucously loudly, rowdy
inherent inborn, issential to you
ignominy disgrace, dishonor, shame
revelation awareness, full comprehension
scabrous rough, hoarse
essence the basic part of something
Created by: xogymnstarox