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flash cards

plight a dilemma; difficult situation; a problem
retort a quick, clever comeback or remark
plethora a excessive or large amount of something
prominent widely known; famous; respected and distinguished
prevail to triumph; to be successful; to conquer
marvel to wonder and be curious about; to be in awe or amazed
deteriorate to worsen; to become more run down and get worse
compensate to make up for; to reimburse; to pay back in a way
bewildering confused; puzzling
hostile aggressive; antagonistic; very unfriendly
monotonus described as being very dull, tedious, and boring
enthralled to fascinate; capture the attention of
bedlam complete chaos; pandemonium; out of control
wrath rage; fury; extreme anger
aloof described as being very standoffish; distant; very unfriendly; set apart
prophecy a statement or prediction of what might happen in the future
immortal lives forever
brutal savage; cruel; harsh
gouge to dig, poke, or force out
unify bring together as one
banish to exile; force to leave out
vigorous strong; energetic forceful
dilemma a difficult problem; a situation requiring a choice
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