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Mech Vent Unit 5

SPC Mech Vent Unit 5 - I AM'S

I am positive pressure above baseline during exhalation: PEEP
I reduce the WOB caused by airways & am also used w/ CPAP: PS(pressure support)
I am the type of vent used w/ a post arrest pt: Volume vent
I can cause auto cycling: Sensitivity too high (ex: -10)
I am the recommendation for Vt: 10-12 ml/kg
I am a mode that helps avoid barotraumas: PC(pressure control)
I can be used to improve I:E ratio: Increase flow, decrease rate - pressure - Vt
I am a complication of PEEP: Increased ICP, decreased BP - venous return - CO
I am the 1st thing you should check when you increase PEEP: BP, CO, ICP
I am what you do if a pt is showing adverse effects to increases in PEEP: Lower PEEP
I am the primary purpose of PEEP: Improved Oxygenation
I am what should be placed on a SIMV pt that has an increased WOB: PS(pressure support)
I am what you can do on a vent to increase PaO2: Increase PEEP or Increase FiO2
I am a vent setting that decreases shunting: PEEP
I am what you can do on a vent to lower the CO2: Increase Vt first then rate
I am the effect of PEEP on FRC: Increase or maintain FRC
I use Vt's smaller than deadspace, rates greater than 60, & need special ET tubes: HFV(high frequ. vent.)
I am what will happen on a volume vent w/ bronchospasm: Increase in Peak pressure
I am what the distance between PEAK & PLAT airway pressures tell you: Airway resistance
I am another word for intrinsic PEEP: Auto-Peep
What mode is most likely used w/ decreased compliance: PC(pressure control)
I am the BiPAP adjustment that lowers CO2: The difference between IPAP & EPAP
I give the preset volume at the preset rate: VC(volume control) (maybe SIMV)
I give the preset pressure at the preset rate: PC(pressure control)
I augment/increase spontaneous Vt's: SIMV-PS
I adjust my own flow to give the preset Vt at the lowest possible peak pressure: PRVC, VC+, Auto-flow
I am the accepted range for Vt: 10-12 ml/kg
I am the accepted range for rate: 8-12
I am how the initial FiO2 on a vent is determined: PaO2>60mmHg & SaO2>90%
I titrate/adjust the pressure support to give the Vt you want on spontaneous breaths: VS(volume support)
I am what would cause you to choose pressure control: Trauma or ARDS
I base my level of support on the settings for pt's WOB: Proportional Assist
I determine how hard the pt has to work to get a breath: Sensitivity
I am the value that starts exhalation: Cycling
I mix oxygen & air to provide a specific FiO2: Blender
I save moisture for the pt's next breath: HME
I am an immediate complication of oral intubation: Tooth trauma
I am ventilation w/o perfusion: Deadspace
I am the normal level of deadspace: Normal 20-40%, Critical > 60%
I am perfusion w/o ventilation: Shunt
I am a normal NIF: -50 to -100, Critical < -20 to 0
I am a normal MEP: Normal +100, Critical < +40
I am the minimal acceptable VC: 65-75 ml/kg, Critical < 10 ml/kg
I am a normal A-a gradient: 5-15 (on O2)
I am the types of ventilators: Pneumatic & electronic
I start inspiration: Triggering
I am the 3 types of things that are used for triggering: Pressure, Flow, Time
I am used for obstructive sleep apnea: CPAP
I am used to correct hypoxemia: PEEP or FiO2
I am a mode that gives the preset volume only when vent wants: Control
I give the preset volume, the pt can spontaneously breathe, but spont. breath will only be given @ the set Vt: VC(volume control), Assist Control
I time my breaths w/ the pt's: SIMV
I am the types of laryngoscope blades: Macintosh & Miller
I am caused by too high a rate w/ too small a time to exhale: Auto/Intrinsic PEEP
I am the I:E ratio you should shoot for: Normal on RA: 1:4, 1:3 on vent
I am a complication of transporting a mechanically ventilated pt: Extubation, low O2
I am the difference between volume controlled & pressure controlled ventilation: VOL: vol stays same, pressure varies, set rate; PRESSURE: pressure stays same, vol varies, set rate.
I am the accepted Ve range: 5-8 L/m
Created by: vgflgirl
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