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Comp & Lit Terms

Commonly used term in Comp and Lit

Round Character A well-developed character; closely involved in and responsive to the action
Flat Character A barely developed character; stereotypical
Dynamic Character Characters that grow and change throughout the story
Static Character Characters that face the same challenges of a dynamic character yet remain essentially unchanged
Unreliable Narrators Misrepresent events and misdirect readers
Style The way in which a writer uses language and selects the arranging of words
Tone The attitude of the narrator or author of a work toward the subject matter, characters, or audience
Imagery Words of phrases that describe what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched
Formal Diction Characterized by elaborate, complex sentences; a learned vocabulary
Informal Diction Consistent with everyday speech, is characterized by slang and contractions
Plot is more than what happens, it is how what happens is revealed, the way in which the story's events are arranged
Motivation The reasons behind a characters behavior or we will not believe or accept the behavior
Metaphor Figures of speech that compare two dissimilar items
Stock Character Characters easily identifiable who behave so predictably that readers can readily recognize them
Symbol Symbols are so much apart of the human experience that they are likely to suggest the same thing to most people (Example: a rose suggests love)
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