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Tobacco Unit

Information about tobacco

How many different chemicals are found in tobacco? 4,000
How many deaths every year are caused by smoking related illnesses? 400,000
What is the addictive drug found in tobacco? Nicotine
What thick, dark liquid forms when tobacco burns? Tar
What poisonous, odorless and colorless gas comes from burning tobacco Carbon Monoxide
The chemical that is used with pest control that is also found in tobacco? Cyanide
What are the six different forms of tobacco? 1. Cigarettes 2. Cigars 3. Pipe Tobacco 4. Smokeless Tobacco (Chew & Snuff) 5. Clove Cigarettes 6. Flavored Tobacco
Which forms of tobacco have 90 times the cancer causing agents found in them? Cigars and Pipe tobacco
How does tobacco damage the respiratory system? It damages the alveoli
What two things does tobacco do to our digestive system? 1. Ulcers 2. Harms teeth and gums
How does tobacco harm our circulatory system? It can constrict our blood vessels, causing possible heart attacks and strokes.
What are some of the reasons why teens begin to use tobacco? 1. Peer Pressure 2. Parents or other family members use it 3. Wanting to look cool
What is the meaning of "Addiction"? mental or physical need for a drug or other substance
What does withdrawl mean? unpleasant symptoms that someone experiences when they stop using addictive substances
What does psychological dependence mean? A person’s belief that he or she needs a drug to feel good to function normally
What does physical dependence mean? An addiction in which the body develops a chemical need for a drug
What does tolerance mean? The body’s need to larger and larger amounts of a drug to produce the same effect
When did tobacco Ads get banned from TV and radio? 1971
What does mainstream smoke mean? the smoke that is inhaled and then exhaled by a smoker
What does sidestream smoke mean? smoke that comes from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe or cigar
What does EPA stand for? Enviromental Protection Agency
How many people die each year from passive smoke? 53,000
How much does the tobacco companies spend per day on advertising? 16 million
What is the purpose of the nicotine patches? To reduce the amount of nicotine you receive?
What is the latest percent of teens that smoke? 13%
Define secondhand smoke. It is the combination of sides tram and mainstream smoke that the non smoker inhales.
Does e-cigarettes burn tobacco and produce tar? No
E-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA, what is the danger of this? The companies of e-cigarettes don't have to share what chemicals are in their products.
Created by: raydavis