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Fashion marketing

20 study stacks

A disadvantage of U.S protectionism is? Fewer choices and higher prices for consumers.
What are the most commonly counterfeited apparel items? Blue jeans and athletic shoes.
Limitations established by the government on quantities of certain goods that can enter a country during a specific time and period are? Quotas.
The government's policy for allowing goods to enter and exit a country without government interference is? Free trade.
Because it imports more products than it exports, the U.S .. Has a large trade deficit.
Which type of fashion retailer offers a high level of customer service, fashion-forward merchandise, and targets special-interest customers? Boutique.
Concord Mills shopping mall contains discount stores that are manufacturer-owned and operated, such as Bass and Manhattan shirts. These stores represent .. Factory outlets.
Locally-owned stores with a limited assortment of apparel, housewares, gifts and household textiles are .. Junior department stores.
Minimal customer service, high sales volume, and extended operating hours are characteristics of? Discount stores.
Production overruns, end of season goods, closeouts, and irregulars represent merchandise found is .. Offprice discount stores.
The T-shirt industry is characterized by many buyers and sellers, and no single buyer or seller controls prices. This is an example of which type of competition? Pure.
Customer services, business locations, and qualifications of salespeople are elements of which type of competition? Nonprice.
For the customer who will use only Clinique products, cosmetics are which type of consumer good? Specialty.
During which stage of the business cycle are consumers most willing to purchase fashion products? Prosperity.
A kate Spade handbag is an example of which category of consumer goods? Specialty.
Which is a basis for psychographic segmentation? Lifestyle.
Developing newspaper advertisements and news releases for use to communicating with customers is which marketing mix component? Promotion.
What type of market segmentation is being used when a company develops a separate marketing mix for people living in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico? Geographic segmentation.
Target sells apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and home furnishings, It is involved in .. Fashion merchandising.
The costs involved in distributing the product and conducting marketing research must be considered when determining .. Price.
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