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Lizzie Bright

Vocab, Definition, and sentance

Hewn To make, shape, and smooth with cutting bows The old church was ____ hundreds of years ago by the settlers.
Reprieve To cancel or postpone a punishment. I broke a lamp, but I was _________ since it was my birthday.
Hovel A small dwelling house. I just moved into a _____ across the moon and down the way from Adam Sandler.
Heedless Showing a lack of care or attention. The girls was heedless of the fact that she was robbed by Drew.
Blight Any cause of impairment, destruction, ruin, or frustration. The ______ was killing all our summer crops.
Daft Silly or foolish. Travis is sometimes very ____.
Writhing To twist the body about, or squirm, as in pain. She was ________ in pain after she was kicked in the stomach with a soccer ball.
Clambered Climb out using both feet and hands; climb with effort and difficulty. The toddler _________ out of the blow up pool. Its sides were almost as tall as him!
Debased Reduced in quality or value. The African American boycott was inspired by the __________ of the black community.
Sonorous Loud, deep, of full, as a sound. The preacher has a huge ________ voice. Nobody could mistake him for another.
Chasm A deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface. The _____ that I was climbing up, was about 50 feet tall.
Intoning to utter with a particular tone While reading a poem, he was intoning each word.
Stealthy Acting sneaky The assassin was very stealthy when killing Ronald McDonald.
Cavorting to behave in a high-spirited, festive manner My sister was so happy for her birthday. She was _________ around the house the entire morning.
Mottled Marked with spots or smears of color. I painted a very beautiful _______ painting.
Squalor a state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant. After playing in the mud, wasn't allowed in the house because I was _______.
Sordidness dirty or filthy The __________ of the room was overwhelming. So much that I had to leave the house immediately.
Profane if someone is not acting respectful or orthodox religious. The boy was so _______. He would graffiti the school lockers.
Lithe Bending readily; pliant; limber; supple; flexible. The boat felt so _____ as it traveled through the water.
Perseverance steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Through ____________ and determination, Hercules conquered Hades and saved his family.
Impertinent Intrusive or presumptuous, as persons or their actions. I thought it was very ___________ that Mr. Green just let himself in.
Omnipotent having unlimited power or the ability to do anything The arrogant king felt as if he were __________.
Stifled to restrain a reaction or to stop oneself from acting on an emotion Her _______ cries were quiet, after she fell off of her bicycle.
Preliminaries An introduction leading to an event The _____________ were held in the morning, then a break, then the finals were held later that night.
Disdain to look upon or treat with contempt My dad looked at me with disdain after I broke our fence.
Listlessly having little to no interest in something My brother listlessly finished his math homework.
Taut stretched or pulled tight; no slack. When I was done with my daily workout, my body was very ____.
Dawdle To waste time The young boy was _______ around the house, acting as if no one was there but himself.
Meander A winding curve or bend “Around the _______ and into the boat,” proclaimed Reverend Griffin.
Apocalypse any universal or widespread disaster. The zombie __________ will never happen.
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