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KSH - KS Chapter 6

Study Guide for Kansas History Test over Chapter 6

What was the Homestead Act? The law that allowed someone to claim 160 acres of public land as long as they lived on it for five years, made improvements, and paid a $10 fee?
What did a tenant farmer do? They cultivated, or worked, someone else's land as a renter.
What did the Preemption Act allow settlers to do? They could buy land they had "squatted" on after 14 months for as little as $1.25 per acre.
What did the Timber Culture Act do? Allowed farmers to claim up to 160 acres of land by planting a large number of trees on the land and then buying that land for $1.25 per acre.
Why was it important to survey public lands in Kansas? So that legal boundaries could be established
Most of the people who moved to Kansas after the Civil War were... people born in America who saw great opportunities in Kansas.
How did Abbie Bright travel to her brother's claim in Kansas? By train and stagecoach
Why did African-Americans leaving the South think Kansas was a good place to settle? It was a symbol of the Promised Land Kansas fought against slavery John Brown, Lincoln, and the Republicans symbolized freedom to them The Homestead Act opened up cheap land
What are three ways that settlers adapted to the lack of trees in Kansas? They built sod homes or dugouts. They used buffalo chips or cow chips for fuel. They used barbed wire and limestone posts for fencing.
Many immigrants from the British Isles left their homeland to... escape a strong class system with no opportunities for advancement
What was the reason many Germans from Russia immigrated to Kansas? because they had pacifist beliefs and did not want to serve in the military
Which immigrant group makes up the largest group of foreign-born immigrants in Kansas? Germans
African-Americans from the Deep South who came to Kansas during a second wave of immigration were called... Exodusters
Who was the African-American land speculator and promoter who encouraged African Americans to come to Kansas? Benjamin "Pap" Singleton
Most of the people who settled in Nicodemus, Kansas were... freed slaves from Kentucky
Why did settlers gather buffalo chips? For fuel since wood was scarce.
Skilled silk workers from France settled what Kansas town? Silkville
The railroads recruited immigrants from what country to maintain the railroad lines? Mexico
The area in southeastern Kansas known as the "Little Balkans" attracted immigrants from southeastern Europe to work in the... coal mines
Immigrants from what nation began moving to Kansas soon after we became a state because they were suffering from a famine and they saw Kansas as the land of the future? Sweden
Created by: ColbyHistory