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Brand NameGeneric NameClassification
aeknil paracetamol analgesic, antipyretic
theofil aminophylline bronchodilator
amikacide amikacin antibacterial
anxiol diazepam anxiolytic, spasmolytic, anticonvulsant
atropine sulfate anticholinergic
aprezin hydralazine HCl vasodilator
bricanyl terbutaline sulfate antiasthmatic and COPD preparations
bee-all vit B complex vitamins
burinex bumetanide diuretic
buscopan hyoscine-N-butylbromide antispasmodic
calcium gluconate electrolyte
cardepine nicardipine HCl antihypertensive (Ca channel blocker)
cholinerv citicoline CNS stimulant, neuroprotective agent
carnicor L-carnitine metabolic energizer
catapres clonidine antihypertensive
cordarone amiodarone antiarrhythmic
dalacin c clindamycin phosphate anti-infective
dexamet dexamethasone, Na phosphate corticosteroid
depo-medrol methylprednisolone acetate corticosteroid
dilantin phenytoin Na anticonvulsant
rabaphen diphenhydramine HCl antihistamine, anti-allergics
dormicum midazolam hypnotic
myocard dopamine HCl adrenergic agent
dobine dobutamine adrenergic
dobuzef dobutamine HCl adrenergic
dynacin clindamycin antibacterial
dynastat parecoxib Na COX-2 inhibitor
entac ranitidine H2 antagonist
fluimucil acetylcysteine mucolytic
furosan furosemide diuretic
mycin gentamicin sulfate antibacterial
hemostan tranexamic acid anti-fibrinolytic
hepa-merz L-ornithine-L-aspartate hepatic protectant
hyos hyoscine-N-butylbromide anticholinergic, antispasmodic
H2 bloc famotidine histamine, H2 antagonist
isoket isosorbide dinitrate antiangina
isoxilan isoxsuprine HCl tocolytic, vasodilator
kemodyn citicoline cerebroprotective, neurotropic
ketesse dexketoprofen, trometamol analgesic, NSAID
ketodol ketorolac non-opioid analgesic
klindex clindamycin antibacterial
konakion phytomenadione haemostatic
kortezor ketorolac trometamol NSAID
lanoxin digoxin cardiac glycoside
kytril granisetron antiemetic
levophed SF norepinephrine vasoconstrictor
lysmix L-lysine, L-histidine, D, L-methionine, vit B1, B2, B6, taurine, dextrose parenteral nutrition
magnesium sulfate anticonvulsant, electrolyte
meto metoclopramide antiemetic
moriamin s-2 amino acids parenteral nutrition
methylcobal methylcobalamin vitamin
NASEA ramosetron HCl antiemetic
nitronal glycerol trinitrate vasodilator
nootropil piracetam neurovascular enhancer
norbit norepinephrine adrenergic agent
norepin norepinephrine adrenergic
nubain nalbuphine HCl analgesic
pharmadione phytomenadione haemostatic
promezin promethazine HCl antihistamine
prostigmin neostigmine methylsulfate cholinesterase inhibitor
bupican heavy bupivacaine HCl anesthetic
chirocaine levobupivacaine HCl anesthetic
remopain ketorolac tromethamine NSAID
siverol tramadol HCl opioid analgesic
solu-cortef hydrocortisone Na succinate corticosteroid
tidact clindamycin antibacterial
tramal tramadol HCl analgesic
TDL tramadol HCl analgesic
ulcin ranitidine H2 antagonist
voltaren diclofenac Na analgesic, NSAID
zantac ranitidine antacid, antireflux, antiulcerant
ziphanol butorphanol tartrate opioid analgesic
zofran ondansetron antiemetic
zynapse citicoline cerebroprotective, neurotropic
aminoleban amino acid, vitamins, minerals nutrition
vancin vancomycin HCl antibacterial
arixtra fondaparinux Na anticoagulant
clexane enoxaparin Na antithrombotic, anticoagulant
fraxiparine nadropparin Ca anticoagulant
aeruginox cefuroxime Na antibacterial
ampimax ampicillin Na, sulbactam Na antibacterial
amsulvex ampicillin Na, sulbactam Na antibacterial
axera cefepime antibacterial
vatacil ampicillin Na antibacterial
cefuget cefuroxime Na antibacterial
cefevex cefepime antibacterial
cepiram cefepime HCl antibacterial
klornik chloramphenicol, Na succinate antibacterial
cladex cefotaxime Na antibacterial
claforan cefotaxime antibacterial
cefrin cefpirome Na antibacterial
clessol pantoprazole Na proton pump inhibitor
cylocortix HCT,Na succinate corticosteroid
depacon valproic acid valproic acid activity
doribax doripenem antibacterial
dexpenem meropenem antibacterial
ecocef cefuroxime antibacterial
elixime cefuroxime Na antibacterial
eluxone ceftriaxone Na antibacterial
eroxmit cefuroxime Na antibacterial
forgram ceftriaxone Na antibacterial
fortum ceftazidime antibacterial
foxitin cefoxitin antibacterial
gomtiam cefotiam HCl antibacterial
glypressin terlipressin acetate vasopressor
ilozef cefazolin Na antibacterial
kefox cefuroxime antibacterial
keptrix ceftriaxone Na antibacterial
keppra levetiracetam anticonvulsant
invanz ertapenem antibacterial
linsul ampicillin Na, sulbactam Na antibacterial
medixon methylprednisolone corticosteroid
mefurox cefuroxime antibacterial
merop meropenem antibacterial
meromax meropenem trihydrate antibacterial
merozan meropenem antibacterial
methycort methylprednisolone corticosteroid
monowel cefoxitin Na antibacterial
nexium esomeprazole proton pump inhibitor
omepron omeprazole proton pump inhibitor
omevex omeprazole Na proton pump inhibitor
pantoloc pantoprazole proton pump inhibitor
panaxim cefuroxime Na antibacterial
peprasan-T piperacillin Na, tazobactam Na antibacterial
plemonem meropenem antibacterial
piptaz piperacillin Na, tazobactam Na antibacterial
pneumosolv ceftriaxone Na antibacterial
prevacid lansoprazole proton pump inhibitor
profurex cefuroxime antibacterial
prosec omeprazole proton pump inhibitor
racep cefradine monohydrate antibacterial
risek omeprazole proton pump inhibitor
rocephin ceftriaxone Na antibacterial
sanpime cefepime HCl antibacterial
silgram ampicillin Na, sulbactam Na antibacterial
supime cefepime HCl antibacterial
solu-medrol methylprednisolone, Na succinate corticosteroid
solu-cortef HCT, Na succinate corticosteroid
sultacillin ampicillin Na, sulbactam Na antibacterial
stancef cefazolin antibacterial
sumopen meropenem antibacterial
tazocin piperacillin Na, tazobactam Na antibacterial
wydox oxacillin Na antibacterial
tazovex piperacillin Na, tazobactam Na antibacterial
tazidem ceftazidime antibacterial
tienam imipenem cilastatin Na antibacterial
unasyn ampicillin Na, sulbactam Na antibacterial
vigocid ampicillin Na, sulbactam Na antibacterial
xtenda ceftriaxone antibacterial
zegen cefuroxime antibacterial
zefxon omeprazole proton pump inhibitor
zepim cefepime antibacterialceftazidime
zeptrigen ceftazidime antibacterial
zinacef cefuroxime antibacterial
zefur cefuroxime Na antibacterial
zoltax cefuroxime antibacterial
zyom omeprazole proton pump inhibitor
streptomycin sulfate antibacterial
adrenaline adrenergic agent
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