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Faith and Reason

theology the study of God and of created things insofar as created things come from God and are directed to God
ecclesiology the study of the nature and purpose of the Church
reason the power to know reality, to deliberate, and to think.
reality the way things, in fact, are.
illusion the opposite of reality; not in reality what it appears to be.
scientific approach Method: Observation
philosophic approach Method: Reflection
religious approach Method: Reception
natural revelation What we can know about God by using our reason to reflect on the world around us.
supernatural revelation God reveals things about Himself that human reason alone and unaided cannot discover. What we can know about God by faith.
entropy Measure of disorder in universe.
supernatural faith the ability to believe all that God has revealed
general revelation God’s communication to humanity about himself outside the covenant relationship with Israel
special revelation God’s communication to humanity about Himself through salvation history, culminating in Jesus Christ
divine pedagogy Describes how God communicates himself to man gradually.
public revelation The central events, teachings, and rituals through which God communicates Himself to humanity.
private revelation Events that support and encourage faith in the public revelation.
personal revelation God’s communication to an individual.
human soul The spiritual principle of human beings
death the separation of soul and body
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