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notes for skills check

piriformis syndrome max protected phase AROM in pain free range- mm setting of glutes
piriformis syndrome mod protected phase isometrics of glutes- deep tissue massage
piriformis syndrome min protected phase piriformis stretching- tubing exercises for strengthening in ER- strengthen hip ext/abd SLR- deep tissue massage
OA/Bursitis of hip max protected phase pain-free AROM all planes- glute sets/quad sets/ ham sets
OA/Bursitis of hip mod protected phase AROM- TKEs- knee rocks
OA/Bursitis of hip min protected phase stretching of TFL, Rectus, Hamstrings- open & closed chain strengthening glute max, glute med & hamstrings using theraband & free wts
THA/Post Op Hip Fx ORIF max protected phase IP 1st wk-AP, QS, GS, HS, heel slides, AROM, ABD slides, TKE & SLR-protected WB w/wheeled walker/ WBAT. if biological-may be TDWB. hip precautions for THA.
THA/Post Op Hip Fx ORIF mod protected phase Immediate Post-Op period wk 2-3-Home or SNF-prone/standing hip ext-bridging-closed chain (minisquats)- standing ABD, knee flex. hip precautions for THA
THA/Post Op Hip Fx ORIF min protected phase I @ home wk 3-6-Return to Normal ADL-walking -swimming-stepper/treadmill-sidelying ABD- step ups/down- Basic Balance Exercises- one legged bridging- std pelvis drop- hip precautions
Lat ankle sprain/Pes Planus/Pronation max protective phase PROM/AROM?- Gentle mm setting-limited WB
Lat ankle sprain/Pes Planus/Pronation mod protective phase AROM- isometrics (all but esp inversion, eversion)- proprioception (alphabet, NWB rocker board)
Lat ankle sprain/Pes Planus/Pronation min protective phase stability/proprioception/plyo-isometrics (all but esp inv, ev)-theraband for inv/ev- glute med strengthening-intrinsincs proprioception (marbles, sand, towel ex w/toes)-towel stretch
Post Op ORIF Ankle Fx Max Protective Phase gentle mm setting, limited WB in Bledoe
Post Op ORIF Ankle Fx Mod Protective Phase AROM, isometrics (all but esp inv, ev), proprioception (alphabet, NWB rocker board) Bledsoe off
Post Op ORIF Ankle Fx Min Protective Phase stability/proprioception/plyo, isometrics (all but esp inv/ev), theraband for inv/ev, towel stretch, stretching for inv/ev
ant shin splints max protective phase gentle mm setting
ant shin splints mod protective phase AROM, proprioception (alphabet, NWB rocker board)
ant shin splints min protective phase stability/proprioception/ply, isolated strengthening/endurance sets for ant tib, strengthening of inv/ev, towel stretch
non-operative MCL/LCL/ACL sprain 1st/2nd degree max protected phase mm setting/isometrics, AROM-painfree, AP if edema, may be PWB/cx
non-operative MCL/LCL/ACL sprain 1st/2nd degree mod protected phase 2 wks post injury-AROM, 4 way SLR (avoid shearing force by placing wt abv knee)
non-operative MCL/LCL/ACL sprain 1st/2nd degree min protected phase stability, agility plyo, glute med strengtheing, ITB stretching, HS/Quad stretching
Post Op-ACL reconstruction max protected phase- full open chain resisted ext may be contraindicated (TKEs) 1st 8 wks-patellar mobilization, QS & more QS, HS/GS/cocontraction, ham curls/heel slides, SLR, multiangle isometrics, AROM flex to >90, full passive knee ext-propping heel/prone hand, 4way SLR-brace on-pt may be in brace locked @ 0& initially PWB
Post Op-ACL reconstruction mod protected phase Immediate post hospital (2-3 wks)-patellar mobs, scar massage, 4-way SLR, AROM/stretching to regain full range
Post Op-ACL reconstruction min protected phase 12-24 wks-patellar mobilization, stability, ply, balance & agility, mini tramp hopping & progress to plyo, progress to sport specific
Post Op-TKR max protected phase IP phase (1st wk) QS, HS, GS, cocontraction, heel slides, ABD slides, AP, AA SLR, TKE-if biological fixation pt may be PWB for longer period. pt will be in immobilizer-PWB-WBAT-remove for ex
Post Op-TKR mod protected phase immediate post hospital (2-3 wks) patellar mobs, scar massage, 4-way SLR, AROM/stretching to regain full range
Post Op-TKR min protected phase pt I @ home-patellar mobs, scar massage, closed chain ex-squats, std ABD, step-ups, balance ex, bike or pool, cont stretching until full ROM 135
Menisectomy/Partial Menisectomy max protected phase pain free full AROM, QS, HS, GS, patellar mobilization-may be PWB/WBAT for up to 2 wks
Menisectomy/Partial Menisectomy mod protected phase start at 2 wks, stretching hams/quads, minisquats, patellar mobilization, 4 way-SLR, closed chain ex
Menisectomy/Partial Menisectomy min protected phase start @ 6 wks, low level plyo & agility w/slow progression to impact exercises, cycling, closed chain strengthening, stretching hams, quads & ITB
meniscus repair max protected phase pain free AROM to 90, QS, HS, GS, patellar mobilization, 4-way SLR if pt NWB- pt is in brace locked @ 90 of flexion & may be NWB/PWB for up to 4 wks
meniscus repair mod protected phase starts @ 4 wks, stretching hams/quads, minisquats, patellar mobilization, 4 way SLR, closed chain ex
meniscus repair min protected phase starts @ 4 months, low level plyo & agility w/slow progression to impact ex, cycling, stretching hams, quads & ITB
PFPS max protected phase mm setting, AROM-pain free
PFPS mod protected phase stengthen glute med, VMO strengthening (TKEs), SLR, ITB stretching, patellar mobs w/lat retinaculum stretch/ medial glide- avoid closed chain knee flex in range of 45-90. Avoid TKEs initially
PFPS min protected phase step-ups/step down w/knee control, slowly increasing step ht, lat step-ups recruit VMO, ankle stability, minisquats w/ABD, progress to plyo & agility
plantarflexors gastroc, soleus, flexor hallicus, flexor digitorum, post tib
dorsiflexors ant tib, ext hallicus longus, ext digitorum
ankle evertors fibularus longus, peroneus breis, peroneus longus, peroneus tertious
ankle invertors post tib, flexor hallicus, flexor digitorum
cause of anterior shin splints (ant tib) repeated dorsiflex
cause of posterior shin splints (post tib) repeated plantarflex
1st degree inversion ankle sprain single ligament rupture-usually ant talofibular
2nd degree inversion ankle sprain ant talofibular & fibulocalcaneal
3rd degree inversion ankle sprain ant talofibular & fibulocalcaneal & post talofibular
eversion ankle sprain deltoid ligament/medial collateral
Created by: jessigirrl4
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