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product service

Express Warranty Is easy to get to
Limited Warranty Is for only a limited time
Full Warranty Is always avaliable in service
Implied Warranty for a certain part in the product
Government Agencies is trade from different states and countries
Guarantee Is a promise from the company
Grades are the previous records of the business
Standards Is a promise by the business about the product
Trade/professional are trade inside the state/country
Product Life Cycle Is how the product ages in sells
Introductory Stage the product is introduced in the marketing world
Product Decision the business decides if they want to continue to improve the product or not
Declining Stage the product starts to lose sales in the market
Product Elimination the business decides if they want the product still out in the market
Maturity Stage the product sales are growing rapidly and competeriors are noticing
Growth Stage the sales of the product are growing in the marketing world
Product Development the business is still developing the product
Product Service Management is service from the business/company of what you need/want from a product
Mass Customization is a group of customers that are different
Product Mix is different products that the company makes or sells
Product Item A specific model, brand or size
Product Line A group of closely related products
Product Depth the number of product items in a product line
Product Width is the number of different product lines something sells
Business Image Is the businesses view of point
Product Positioning is where the product is: place, store, location
Brand Promise is what the business says about the product what it will do
National Brand is a store off brand
Generic is a store made brand
Created by: tapdat12