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x-ray tube

Which of the following types of current supplies the x-ray tube?
What effect does adjusting the mA control have on the production of x-rays
When gallium is added to silicon, it becomes a ________________ type semi-conductor
The target of an xray tube is made up of what metal?
A solid state rectifier is primarily made of what substance?
What causes most tube failures?
The energy of Bremsstrahlung photon is:
What is used to determine a safe exposure?
As kV is applied, the electrons are accelerated toward which part of the x-ray tube?
Which of the following will produce the least load on an x-ray tube?
Which of the following is required of a target material in an x-ray tube?
Which of the following increase the penetrating power of the x-ray beam?
When electrons strike the target of an xray tube most of their energy is converted to ____
Which of the following is the negative terminal of the x-ray tube?
The changing of alternating current to direct current is known as ___________
What are xray tubes called that have two filament wires?
How many kV is equal to 75,000 V?
The formula, mAXkVpXtime is used to determine what?
What is used to focus the electron stream toward the target anode?
A solid -state rectifier, with an excessive number of electrons, is referred to as what type of semi-conductor?
What type of tubes are used in modern radiographic equipment?
what determines the quantity of electrons that will be accelerated across the x-ray tube?
During thermionic emission, a cloud of electrons surround the filament. What is this electron cloud called?
How fast do high speed anodes rotate?
To determine how fast an x-ray tube will dissipate heat after several exposures, what would be used?
What is the formula for a heat unit in a three-phase, six pulse, x-ray unit? mA X kVp X time X 1.35
why is an x-ray tube made of pyrex glass?
when electrons strike the anode of an x-ray tube, how much of their energy is converted to x-rays?
Bremsstrahlung interactions may occur only when the incident electron interacts with
From what metal are the filament wires in radiographic tubes made?
What is the apporoximate speed of a normal rotating anode?
What term describes the phenomena where the intensity of the primary radiation is slightly greater at the cathode end of the x-ray tube
At what temperature does an x-ray tube filament exhibit significant thermionic emission?
In which direction do electrons move through an xray tube?
the transition of orbital electrons from outer to inner shell gives rise to:
Almost all of the kinetic nergy of the incident electrons is converted to:
X-rays and gamma both travel at the same:
The l shell can hold a maximum of ______ electrons
Electrical devices that allow current to flow in only one direction are called:
What components of the x-ray tube is a graphite disc having a tungsten-rhenium track at its periphery?
At the end of characteristic cascade, the _________ shell is missing an electron
the principle difference between an x-ray photon and a gamma ray is the origin
characteristic interactions may occur only when the incident electron interacts with
which is the largest portion of the x-ray beam emerging from the target?
The quality of an xray beam refers to?
The energy of a characteristic photon is
During a characteristic interaction, the energy of the incident electron must be ________ the electron it knocks from its orbits
What is a device called that only allows current to flow only in one direction?
What are the swirling currents called that are induced in transformers and produce heat losses?
What type of motor drives the rotating anode?
what is the process of boiling off electrons called? thermionic emission
What type of radiation cannot be produced at a tube potential of less than 70 keV? characteristic
which part of the x-ray tube has the filament wires and focusing cups?
What is the target area called that is struck by electrons? actual focal spot
the mA is a unit of current
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