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Emerging Adulthood


emerging adulthood the period of life between the ages of 18 and 25. It is now widely thought of as a separate developmental stage
extreme sports forms of recreation that include apparent risk of injury or death and are attractive and thrilling as a result
drug abuse the ingestion of a drug to the extent that it impairs the user's biological or psychological well-being
postformal thought formal adult stage of cog. development, following Piaget's four stages. This type of thought goes beyond adolescent thinking by being more practical, flexible, & dialectical (i.e. more capable of combining contradictory elements into comprehensive whole)
stereotype threat the possibility that one's appearance or behavior will be misread to confirm another person's oversimplified prejudiced attitudes
massification the idea that establishing higher learning institutions and encouraging college enrollment could benefit everyone (the masses) leading to marked increases in the number of emerging adults in college
intimacy vs. isolation the sixth of Erikson's eight stages of development. Adults seek someone with whom to share their lives in an enduring and self-sacrificing commitment. Without such commitment they risk profound loneliness and isolation
choice overload having so many options that a thoughtful choice becomes difficult, and regret after making a choice is more likely
cohabitation an arrangement in which a couple live together in a committed romantic relationship but are not formally married
linked lives lives in which the success, health, and well-being of each family member are connected to those of other members, including members of another generation, as in the relationship between parents and children
Created by: Nicolekr