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Kaegebein NYS geo

Kaegebein new york state geography

Dutch West India Company group of businessmen who set up a colony in what is now New York
colony a settlement ruled by another country
colonist the people who lived in a settlement which is ruled by another country
governor person in charge of an area
patroon person that brought 50 settlers to the colony and owns the land the settlers work on
tax money people pay to the government so it can provide services
freedom of the press right to print the truth
indentured servant person who promised to work for an employer in the colony in exchange for the boat ride to America
culture way of life of people, including their customs, beliefs, and language
slavery the practice of making one person the property of another
manor a large piece of land that the owner rents in smaller plaots to a number of farmers
tenant farmer person who works the land on a manor
Created by: Mrs. McDonald