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geo climates

explain the weather conditions in summer in a mediteranean area. Summers-hot and dry as these areas are less than 40 degrees from the equator so the sun is quite high in the sky.this means the suns rays r concentrated and give great heat. high pressure- usually dominates these areas during summer= settled dry weather.
explain the weather conditions in winter in mediteranean areas. winters- the sun is still high enough to give quite warm conditions. during winter, winds from the atlantic ocean blow in. theses winds are mild and damp. when they rise over mountaneous areas relief rainfall occurs.
what is the name of a mediteranean climate? a temperate oceanic climate.
name some mediterranean vegetation. cork oak, lavender, laurel, rosemary, cypress, pine.
how do mediterranean plants adapt to summer drought? they usually have small waxy leaves or sharp thorns so little moisture is lost by transpiration. some trees eg the cork oak have thick protective bark. they have long tap roots that reach far underground for water.
how climate influences tourism? the economics of many coastal ares are now dominated by tourism. people work directly in the tourist industry for example working in hotels and travel companies but many people also work indirectly in the tourist industry for example building hotels.
Where are mediterranean lands situated? 30- 40 degrees from the equator.
briefly describe its temp. nd precipitation (boreal climate) very cold winters as these lands are in high altitudes. short but warm summers as the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun in summer. light precipitation as the polar winds are to cold to hold much moisture.
describe one way in how climate has influenced how people earn a living in a boreal climate. the climate has influenced how people earn a living for example logging is very popular in boreal climates. it is one of the most important activities of the taiga. the government in sweden insists that for every tree cut at least two must be planted.
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