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Miscellaneous Combining Forms

actin(o) light
amyl(o) starch
bar(o) weight;pressure
bas(o),basi(o) base
bio- life
chem(o) chemical
chrono time
coni(o) dust
cycl(o) circle;cycle
dyna,dynam(o) force;energy
echo reflected sound
electr(o) electricity
eti(o) cause
fibr(o) fiber
fluor(o) light,luminous,fluorine
fungi fungus
galact(o) milk
ger(o),geront(o) old age
lact(o),lacti milk
lith(o) stone
lys(o) dissolution,distruction
necr(o) death,dying
noct(i) night
nyct(o) night
pharmaco drugs;medicine
phyt(o) plant
py(o) pus
radio radiation,x-ray;radius
stere(o) three-dimensional
tel(o),tele(o) distant,end;complete
ton(o) tension,pressure
toxi,toxic(o),tox(o) poison,toxin
troph(o) food,nutrition
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