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Marissa Russo

Physical Science Post Test

scientific method State a law
All of the following are different types of scales to measure temperatures except... Joules
Water boils at (BLANK) degrees Celsius 100
Scientific Notation of 0.00086 8.6 x 10 -4
The smallest part of an element atom
Chemical Formula for water H2O
The cutting of paper is a (BLANK) change physical
A (BLANK) has a variable shape but a definite volume liquid
Pressure of a gas is affected by all except... color of container
During (BLANK) water vapor condenses to form droplets... Condensation
During a (BLANK) reaction energy is given off to the surroundings.... exothermic
The three parts of an atom are all but... microtron
The positively charged particle in the atom is.. electron
The negatively charged particle in the atoms is... electron
The protons and neutrons of an atom are located... inside the nucleus
In the Bohr model the maximum possible number of electrons in the first three shells is... 2-8-18
An isotope can be defined as.... atoms of a given element that have different numbers of neutrons and different mass numbers
You can tell that an atom has moved to another energy level because it will... emit light
What scientist is credited for having created the original periodic table... Newton
In an ionic bond which of the following is true... all of the above
A covalent bond occurs when... two atoms share a pair of valence electrons
The most reactive metal on the periodic table is.... acid
The most reactive nonmetal on the periodic table is... francium
The most stable group of elements on the periodic table is the... fluorine
If a substance has a pH of less than 7 it is an... acid
For a new substance to be neutral it must have a pH scale of ... 7
Any element over the atomic number of (BLANK) are radioactive... 83
The major advantage of nuclear power is that.... nuclear power produces no air pollution
All but which of the following are disadvantages to nuclear power... nuclear power accounts for 20% of the power in U.S.
Einstein's famous mass energy equation is... E= mgh
The two types of potential energy are.... gravitational and elastics
The major consumption of energy in cars machinery and movement is... friction
When riding a carousal and the speed is constant you are still accelerating because... you are continually charging directions
The formula you would use to calculate average speed is... average speed=total distance/ total time
On earth the acceleration of gravity is... 9.8 m/s
All of the following are a type of friction except... slumping
If gravity works to pull an object downward what forces works in the opposite direction... air resistance
Which one of the following is not one of the four universal forces at work here on earth... radioactivity
which one of the universal forces is weakest but works over the longest distance... gravitational
Which universal force holds the proton in the nucleus of an atom together... strong nuclear
An object at rest, will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion in an example of Newton's (BLANK) law... first
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is an example of Newton's Law... third
Force is equal to mass X acceleration is an example of Newton's (BLANK) law... second
Created by: marissa.russo