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Svocab workshop f


courteous pleasant sociable easy to speak to affable
increase in power greatness or wealth to build up aggrandize
shapeless without definite form without organization unity or cohesion amorphous
that which surrounds atmosphere distinctive quality or personality aura
illegal traffic smuggled goods prohibited contraband
scholarly learned bookish pedantic erudite
thin light delicate insubstantial light cloth gossamer
find out by reasoning hint suggest imply infer
incapable of being understood impossible to see through physically inscrutable
narrow or isolated outlook or experience island insular
incapable of being changed or called back irrevocable
a natural inclination or prediction toward propensity
peevish complaining fretful querulous
to argue or plead with someone against something protest against object to remonstrate
to disown reject or deny validity of repudiate
able to return to an original shape or form able to recover quickly resilient
to re-echo resound to reflect repeatedly reverberate
coarsely abusive vulgar or low foul mouthed scurrilous
persistent showing industry and determination sedulous
thin flimsy in texture cheap shoddy or inferior in quality or character ethically low mean or disreputable sleazy
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