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coastal processes and features

Hydraulic action force and power of the water wears away the coastline
Abrasion during storms loose rocks are thrown up by the waves against the coast
compressed air as waves crash against cliffs air is trapped in cracks and compressed ,as water retreats escaping air explodes shattering rock
solution soft rock dissolved by sea water eg limestone
features of sea erosion bays and headlands ,sea cliffs, arch,stack,caveand blow hole
formation of a bay areas of soft rock on the coastline are eroded faster than hard rock beside it forming a bay
headland as soft rock is eroded the hard rock around it juts out to sea forms headlands
sea cliff a steep sided high rock face on the coast
sea cave long hollow tunnel in a cliff
sea arch arch shaped opening in a headland example Old head of Kinsale Co Cork
sea stack chunk of rock in the sea surrounded by water Cliffs of Moher co Clare
blow hole a funnel shaped hole that joins a cave to the surface near a cliff edge eg Bridges of Ross Co Clare
longshore drift movement of material along the shore
beach an area of boulders sand and shingle which is found between high and low tide
sand spit a ridge of sand and shingle which projects out to sea or across a bay eg Portmarnock Co Dublin
sand bar a ridge of sand and shingle which projects out to sea or across a bay and cuts off the bay eg. Roonagh Lough Co Mayo
tombolo a ridge of sand and shingle which projects out to sea or across a bay and joins an island to the mainland eg. Howth Co Dublin
backwash the return of the water down the beach
advantages of the sea recreation,fish catch,natural gas deposits, oil,
disadvantages of the sea erosion of land ,housing and cliffs,flooding, sand clogging harbours
ways of protecting the coast groynes,dykes and sea walls
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