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MMC Drug List

brand namegeneric nameclassification
zynapse citicoline peripheral vasodilator, cerebral activator
zyrtec cetirizine antihistamine, antiallergic
zykast montelukast Na, levocetirizine diHCl antihistamine, antiallergic
zylohist loratadine antihistamine, antiallergic
zunamyn sultamicillin tosylate antibacterial (penicillins)
zovirax acyclovir antiviral
zoltax cefuroxime antibacterial (cephalosporins)
zoloft sertraline antidepressant
zofran ondansentron anti-emetics
zithromax azithromycin dihydrate antibacterial (macrolides)
zinnat cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
zertin erdosteine cough and colds preparation
zenith azithromycin monohydrate antibacterial (macrolides)
zegen cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
zefur cefuroxime antibacterial (cephalosporins)
zeffix lamivudine antiviral
zantac ranitidine antacid, antireflux, anti-ulcerant
ximvast simvastatin dyslipidaemic agent
xenoflox ciprofloxacin antibacterial (quinolones)
xatral alfuzosine HCl drugs for bladder prostate disorder
xyzal levocetirizine antihistamine, anti-allergics
vita-kay menadione haemostatics
wilom omeprazole antacid, anti-ulcerant
voltaren diclofenac Na NSAIDs
vidastat simvastatin dyslipidaemic agents
virlix cetirizine antihistamine, anti-allergics
vertilate betahistine mesylate antivertigo
vertisin cinnarizine antivertigo
ventolin expectorant salbutamol, guaifenesin anti-asthmatic, COPD preparations
ventolin salbutamol anti-asthmatic, COPD preparations
versant XR felodipine antihypertensive (calcium antagonist)
vessel due-F sulodexide anticoagulant, platelet and fibrinolytics
vastarel trimetazidine anti-anginal drug
vascace cilazapril antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor)
vascoride imidapril HCl, HCTZ diuretic, antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor)
vascor imidapril HCl antihypertenzive (ACE inhibitor)
vasalat amlodipine besylate antihypertensive (calcium antagonist), anti-anginal drug
vestar trimetazidine anti-anginal drug
valtrex valaciclovir antiviral
vaneular multivitamins vitamins
ursofalk ursodeoxycholic acid hepatic protectors
uritracin norfloxacin antibacterial (quinolones)
unasyn sultamicillin antibacterial (penicillin)
ulcin ranitidine HCl antacids, antireflux, antiulcerants
tums calcium carbonate antacids, antireflux, antiulcerants
trileptal oxcarbazepine antiepileptic
tritab rifampicin, inh, ethambutol anti-TB agents
tritace ramipril antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor)
transderm-nitro nitroglycerin anti-anginal drug
tramal tramadol HCl analgesic (opioid)
topamax topiramate anti-migraine preparations
toridon domperidone GIT regulators, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet
tylenol ER paracetamol analgesics, antipyretics
therabloc atenolol antihypertensive (beta-blocker)
terlev levofloxacin antibacterial (quinolones)
time-cee ascorbic acid vitamin C
tergecef cefixime antibacterial (cephalosporins)
tempra paracetamol analgesic, antipyretic
tamoplex tamoxifen citrate hormonal chemotherapy
tegretol carbamazepine anticonvulsant drugs for neuropathic pain
telfast fexofenadine HCl antihistamine, anti-allergics
stugeron cinnarizine anti-vertigo
strumazol thiamazole anti-thyroid
stafloxin flucloxacillin antibacterial (penicillin)
supraneuron vitamin B complex vitamins
spiriva tiotropium antiasthmatic, COPD preparations
sporanox itraconazole antifungals
solosamet glimepiride, metformin HCl antidiabetic agents
solosa glimepiride antidiabetic agents
solmux carbocisteine cough and colds preparations
solmux broncho salbutamol, carbocisteine cough and colds preparations
sorbifer durules ferrous sulfate vitamins and minerals, antianemics
skelan naproxen Na NSAIDs
solian amisulpride antipsychotic
siverol tramadol HCl analgesics (opioid)
sinecod forte butamirate cough and cold preparations
sinutab phenylpropanolamine, chlorphenamine maleate, paracetamol cough and cold preparations
simeco hydrotalate Mg, hydroxide dimethicone antacids, antireflux, antiulcerants
sinupret radix gentanae respiratory system drug
silgram sultamicillin tosylate antibacterial
sibelium flunarizine antimigraine preparations
sifrol pramipexole diHCl antiparkinsonian agents
seroquel quetiapine antipsychotics
serc betahistine diHCl antivertigo
senokot standardized senna concentrate laxative, purgative
sangobion ferrous gluconate vitamins and minerals, anti-anemics
rythma amiodarone HCl cardiac drug
rimactazid rifampicin, isoniazid anti-TB
rimactane rifampicin anti-TB
rocaltrol calcivol agents affecting urine metabolism
rexidol paracetamol analgesics, antipyretics
revalan mefenamic acid NSAIDs
restore protexin supplements (probiotics)
balance protexin supplements (probiotics)
risek omeprazole antacid, antireflux, anti-ulcerants
renitec enalapril maleate antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor)
raxide ranitidine antacid, antireflux, anti-ulcerants
quad-tab rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, ethambutol HCl anti-TB
purinase allopurinol hyperuricemia
prozelax tamsulosin HCl drugs for bladder and prostate disorder
prozac fluoxetine antidepressants
proscar finasteride drugs for bladder and prostate disorder
propan with iron appetite enhancer
pritor plus telmisartan, HCTZ antihypertensive
pritor telmisartan antihypertensive
provasc amlodipine besylate antianginal, antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
prialta pioglitazone HCl antidiabetic
prevacid fdt lansoprazole antacid, antireflux, anti-ulcerant
prevacid lansoprazole antacid, antireflux, anti-ulcerant
pred prednisone corticosteroid
primolut-N norethisteron progestogen progesterone
prazole plus pantoprazole, domperidone antacid, antireflux,anti-ulcerant
ponstan mefenamic acid NSAIDs
prostanon flutamide antiandrogen
polynerv vit B complex vitamins
plogrel clopidogrel anticoagulant
pletaal cilostazol antiplatelet
prosec omeprazole antacid, anti-ulcerant
plendil ER felodipine antihypertenzive (Ca antagonist)
plavix clopidogrel anticoagulant
platexan clopidogrel anticoagulant
plasil metoclopramide antiemetic
piozone pioglitazone HCl antidiabetic
phlemasol ambroxol HCl cough and cold preparation
persantin dipyridamole anticoagulant, antiplatelet
peprazom esomeprazole antacid, antireflux
pentox pentoxifylline haemorrheological
parlodel bromocriptine antiparkinsonian
pariet sodium rabeprazole anti-ulcerant
pantoloc pantoprazole antacid, anti-ulcerant
pannox cloxacillin antibacterial
onglyza saxagliptin antidiabetic
orasone prednisone corticosteroid
opraz omeprazole antacid, anti-ulcerant
olmetec plus olmesartan, HCTZ antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
olmetec olmesartan antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
orovas simvastatin anticholesterol
omx ohhira probiotic
omepron omeprazole antacid, anti-ulcerant
noklot clopidogrel bisulfate anticoagulant
nozinan levomepromazine antipsychotic
norvasc amlodipine antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
norizec glimepiride antidiabetic
novonorm repaglinide antidiabetic
norgesic orphenadrine citrate, paracetamol muscle relaxant
nootropil piracetam nootropic and neurotonic
nizoral ketoconazole antifungal
nimotop nimodipine neurotrophic, cerebroprotective
nexium esomeprazole antacid, antiulcerant
neurontin gabapentin anticonvulsant, neuropathic pain
nevramin fursultiamine, vit B6 and B12 vitamins
neurobion vit B complex vitamins
neoform metformin HCl antidiabetic
neuquinon ubidecarenone cardiac drug
neozep non-drowsy phenylephrine, paracetamol cough and cold preparation
neozep forte phenylephrine, chlorphenamine, paracetamol cough and cold preparation
neobloc metoprolol tartrate antihypertensive (beta blocker)
nervex vit B complex, vit E, folic acid vit B complex
nelapine nifedipine antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
natrilix indapamide hemihydrate antihypertensive (diuretic)
natravox co-amoxiclav antibacterial (penicillins)
natalac moringa oleifera supplement
nasea OD ramosetron HCl antiemetic
nasathera phenylpropanolamine, paracetamol cough and cold preparation
nasatapp phenylpropanolamine, brompheniramine cough and cold preparation
naprosyn LLE forte naproxen NSAIDs
nafarin-A phenylpropanolamine, chlorpheniramine, paracetamol cough and cold preparation
myrin rifampicin, ethambutol, INH anti-TB
myrin P-forte pyrazinamide, rifampicin, ethambutol, INH anti-TB
myra E400 vitamin E vitamins
myonal eperisone HCl muscle relaxant
mucosolvan ambroxol HCl cough and cold preparation
muskelax ibuprofen, paracetamol NSAIDs
mucosta rebamipide antiulcerant
moxen meloxicam NSAIDs
motilium domperidone antiflatulent
moriamin forte multivitamins, amino acids vitamins and minerals
mosegor vita pizotifen, vit B complex appetite enhancer
montemax montelukast Na antiasthmatic
mobic meloxicam NSAIDs
minidiab glipizide antidiabetic
micardis plus telmisartan, HCTZ antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
micardis telmisartan antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
mepraz omeprazole antacid, antiulcerant
methylcobal mecobalamin nootropic, neurotrophics
merislon betahistine mesilate antivertigo
meptin procaterol HCl antiasthma
macroxam piroxicam NSAIDs
meganerv 300 vit B complex vit B complex
medrol methylprednisolone corticosteroid hormone
macrodantin nitrofurantoin urinary antiseptic
maalox plus Al(OH)3, Mg(OH)2, simethicone antacid
maalox no. 1 Al(OH)3, Mg(OH)2 antacid
lodulce glibenclamide antidiabetic
legalon silymarin hepatic protector
lyrica pregabalin anticonvulsant
loviscol carbocisteine cough and cold preparation
loxeva levofloxacin antibacterial (quinolones)
losec omeprazole antacid, antiulcerant
lormide loperamide HCl anti-diarrhea
loricid allopurinol hyperuricemia
llanol allopurinol hyperuricemia
litec pizotifen appetite enhancer
lipitor atorvastatin Ca dyslipidaemic agent
lipigem gemfibrozil dyslipidaemic agent
lexapro escitalopram oxalate antidepressant
lipanthyl supra fenofibrate dyslipidaemic agent
lincocin lincomycin HCl antibacterial
lloresal baclofen muscle relaxant
lifezar losartan K antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
levocin levofloxacin antibacterial (quinolone)
levox levofloxacin antibacterial (quinolone)
lasix furosemide diuretics
lacipil lacidipine antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
lamictal lamotrigine anticonvulsant
lagaflex carisoprodol, paracetamol analgesics, antipyretics, muscle relaxant
ketesse dexketoprofen trometamol NSAIDs
klaricid clarithromycin antibacterial (macrolides)
ketosteril ketoanalogues and essential amino acids ketoanalogues and essential amino acids
kefsyn cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
keppra levetiracetam anticonvulsant
kefurox cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
kalimate Ca polystyrene sulfonate electrolytes (antihyperkalemia)
kenzar plus losartan K, HCTZ angiotensin-II receptor blocker
kenzar losartan K antihypertensive, angiotensin II antagonist
janumet sitagliptin, metformin antidiabetic agent
januvia sitagliptin phosphate antidiabetic agent
iterax hydroxyzine diHCl antihistamine, antiallergic
istan mefenamic acid NSAIDs
isoprinosine methisoprinol antiviral
isoxilan isoxsuprine HCl peripheral vasodilator, cerebral activator
isoptin verapamil HCl antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
icox celecoxib NSAIDs
isoket isosorbide dinitrate anti-angina
inoflox ofloxacin antibacterial (quinolone)
inderal propanolol HCl antihypertensive (beta blocker)
imdur durules isosorbide-5-mononitrate anti-angina
imodium loperamide anti-diarrhea
i-max metformin HCl antidiabetic
iberet folic multivitamins, iron vitamins and minerals, anti-anemic
iberet active multivitamins, iron vitamis and minerals
hyzaar losartan K, HCTZ antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
hytrin terazosin HCl antihypertensive
h. pylori test strips
hydrite granules ORS elecctrolyte
humamet metformin HCl antidiabetic
himox amoxicillin trihydrate antibacterial (penicillin)
hovizol omeprazole antiulcerant
heraclene dibencozide appetite enhancer
hidrasec racecadotril antidiarrhea
hepavit silymarin food supplement, cholagogue, cholelitholytic, hepatic protector
hepa-merz L-ornithine-L-aspartate cholagogue, cholelitholytics, hepatic protectors
hemostan tranexamic acid haemostatic
hemarate FA Fe sulfate, vit B6 and B12, folic acid vitamins and minerals, antianemic
hemarate Fe fumarate, vitamins vitamins and minerals, antianemic
hemobion Fe fumarate, vitamins, minerals vitamins and minerals, antianemic
harnal tamsulosin HCl drugs for bladder and prostate disorders
godex DS carnitine orotate, hepatic extract antitoxic function, pyridoxine HCl, adenine HCl, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin hepatoprotector
godex carnitine orotate, vit B complex, amino acid, adenine cholagogues, cholelitholyticsm hepatic protector
glumet metformin HCl antidiabetic
glucophage metformin HCl antidiabetic
glucovance metformin HCl, glibenclamide antidiabetic
gluconil gliclazide antidiabetic
glucobay acarbose antidiabetic
glucoform metformin HCl antidiabetic
glubitor gliclazide antidiabetic
gi norm domperidone GIT regulator, antiflatulent, anti-inflammatories
gisfen mefenamic acidd NSAIDs
geltazine Al(OH)3, Mg(OH)2, oxetacaine antacid, antiulcerant
globaxol forte co-trimoxazole antibacterial combinations
gardan mefenamic acid NSAIDs
ganaton itopride HCl GIT regulator, antiflatulent, anti-inflammatories
galvusmet metformin, vildagliptin antidiabetic
gaviscon Na alginate, NaHCO3, Ca carbonate antacid, antireflux agent
furoxone furazolidone antidiarrhea
fornidd metformin HCl antidiabetic
galvus vildagliptin antidiabetic
fortifer Fe, vit B complex vitamins, minerals, antianemic
fortifer FA Fe, vit B complex, folic acid vitamins, minerals, antianemic
fluimucil acetylcysteine cough and cold preparation
floxel levofloxacin antibacterial (quinolone)
folart folic acid vitamins, minerals, antianemic
fixcom 4 rifampicin, INH, Pza, ethambutol anti-TB
flanax naproxen Na NSAIDs
flagyl forte metronidazole antiprotozoal
fibrosine dietary fiber from cornstarch laxative
feldene flash piroxicam NSAIDs
faspic ibuprofen arginine NSAIDs
euglocon glibenclamide anti-diabetic
eroxmit cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
ercefuryl nifuroxazide antidiarrhea
enervon multivitamins vitamins and minerals
eliphorin cefalexin monohydrate antibacterial (cephalosporins)
eldicet pinaverium bromide antispasmodics
elixime cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
elantan isosorbide-5-mononitrate anti-angina
ectrin erdosteine cough and cold preparation
dynatussin chlorpheniramine maleate, guaifenesin cough and cold preparation
durabeta atenolol antihypertensive (beta blocker)
duspatalin mebeverine HCl antispasmodic
duphaston dydrogesterone oestrogens, progesterones and related synthetic drugs
dulcolax bisacodyl laxative, purgative
duvadilan isoxsuprine HCl peripheral vasodilator, cerebral activator
doxin doxycycline hyclate antibacterial (tetracyclines)
dolo-neurobion paracetamol, vit B complex analgesic
dolfenal mefenamic acid NSAIDs
dolcet tramadol HCl, paracetamol analgesic
dorner beraprost Na thrombolytics
diumide K furosemide KCl diuretics
disflatyl simethicone antiflatulent
diovan valsartan antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
dilzem diltiazem HCl anti-angina and anti-HTN (Ca antagonist)
dilatrend carvedilol antihypertensive (beta blocker)
diflucan fluconazole antifungal
diatabs loperamide HCl antidiarrheal
diamicron gliclazide antidiabetic
decolgen no-drowse phwnylephrine HCl, paracetamol cough and cold preparations
decolgen forte phenylephrine HCl, chlorphenamine maleate, paracetamol cough and cold preparations
dazomet metronidazole antibiotic, antiamoebic, antiprotozoal
deponit NT10 nitroglycerin anti-angina
decilone forte dexamethasone corticosteroid hormone
daflon diosmin heperidine antihemorrhoidal
crestor rosuvastatin Ca dyslipidaemic agent
cordarone amiodarone HCl cardiac drug (anti-arrhythmia)
combizar losartan K, HCTZ antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
co-diovan valsartan, HCTZ antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
cozaar losartan K antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
coralan ivabradine HCl anti-angina
co-aprovel irbesartan, HCTZ antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
conzace multivitamins and minerals vitamins and minerals
coxbitor celecoxib NSAIDs
concore bisoprolol antihypertensive (beta blocker)
winthrop clopidogrel thrombolytics
ciprobay XR ciprofloxacin HCl antibacterial (quinolones)
clopivaz clopidogrel thrombolytics
co-aleva ebastine, betamethasone antihistamine, anti-allergics
clindal clindamycin antibacterial
clusivol multivitamins and minerals vitamins and minerals
claricort loratadine, betamethasone antihistamine, antiallergics
claritin loratadine antihistamine, antiallergics
cholinerv citicoline Na CNS drugs
chloromycetin chloramphenicol antibacterial (chloramphenicol)
clariget clarithromycin antibacterial (quinolones)
ciprobay ciprofloxacin HCl antibacterial (quinolone)
pharex ciprofloxacin HCl antibacterial (quinolone)
cetra tramadol HCl, paracetamol analgesics (opioid)
ceporex cefalexin antibacterial (cephalosporins)
centrum vitamins and minerals vitamins and minerals
celestamine betamethasone, dexchlorphenamine maleate antihistamine, antiallergics
celexib celecoxib NSAIDs
celecoxx celecoxib NSAIDs
cefurex cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
c-lium fiber psyllium supplements and adjuvant therapy
celebrex celecoxib NSAIDs
cefalin cefalexin monohydrate antibacterial (cephalosporins)
cecon ascorbic acid vitamin C
cholestad simvastatin dyslipidaemic agent
catapres clonidine HCl antihypertensive
cataflam diclofenac K NSAIDs
cetamid acetazolamide diuretics, antiglaucoma preparations
carvid carvedilol antihypertensive (beta blocker)
carnicor L-carnitine cardiac drug
cipromet ciprofloxacin HCl antibacterial (quinolone)
cardipres carvedilol antihypertensive (beta blocker)
cardiosel metoprolol tartrate antihypertensive (beta blocker)
caltrate plus calcium supplement with vitamins and minerals calcium with vitamins and minerals
calvit calcium, vit D antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
calcibloc nifedipine antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
burinex bumetanide diuretic, antihypertensive
bactiv co-amoxiclav antibacterial
buscopan hyoscine-N-butylbromide antispasmodic
buscopan plus HNBB, paracetamol antispasmodic
biogesic paracetamol analgesic, antipyretic
bricanyl terbutaline sulfate anti-asthmatic
broncho vaxom lyophilized bacterial lysate tratment of respiratory tract infection
blopress candesartan cilexetil antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
betaloc metoprolol tartrate antihypertensive (beta blocker)
beetab vit B complex vitamins
bactrim co-trimoxazole antibacterial
bayer aspirin aspirin thrombolytics
avelox moxifloxacin HCl antibacterial (quinolones)
augmentin co-amoxiclav antibacterial (penicillins)
azithro-natra azithromycin monohydrate antibacterial (macrolides)
avamax atorvastatin Ca antihyperlipidaemia
aspilets aspirin thrombolytics
algesia tramadol HCl, paracetamol analgesics (opioid)
azi-500 azithromycin monohydrate antibacterial (macrolides)
axet cefuroxime axetil antibacterial (cephalosporins)
antiox mebendazole antiprotozoal
appetens pizotifen, vit B complex appetite enhancer
aspec EC aspirin thrombolytics
arcoxia etorcoxib NSAIDs
azyth azithromycin monohydrate antibacterial (macrolides)
ansimar doxofylline antiasthmatic and COPD preparations
arcalion sulbutiamine antiasthenic
angiozem diltiazem HCl antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
atenurix febuxostat antihyperuricemia
alanerv ala, vit B complex supplement and adjuvant therapy
aprovel irbesartan antihypertensive (angiotensin II antagonist)
amvasc amlodipine besylate antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
amoclav co-amoxiclav antibacterial (penicillins)
winthrop amlodipine antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
ritemed amoxicillin antibacterial (penicillins)
ampicin ampicillin trihydrate antibacterial
ambesyl amlodipine besylate antihypertensive (Ca antagonist)
acifre omeprazole antacid, antiulcerant
ambrolex ambroxol HCl cough and cold preparation, mucolytic
aleva ebastine antiallergic, antihistamine
aldazide spironolactone, hydroflumethiazide diuretics, antihypertensive
aldomet methyldopa antihypertensive
akineton biperidon antiparkinsonism
aldactone spironolactone diuretics, antihypertensive
alaxan paracetamol, ibuprofen NSAIDs
aerius desloratadine antiallergics, antihistamine
advil ibuprofen NSAIDs
adalat nifedipine antihypertensive
actos pioglitazone HCl antidiabetic
bambec bambuterol HCl antiasthmatic and COPD preparations
dalacin C clindamycin HCl antibacterial
anxiol diazepam anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, spasmolytic
dormicum midazolam hypnotic, sedative
ephedrine sulfate anesthetic
luminal anticonvulsant
morphine sulfate opioid analgesic
nubain nalbuphine HCl analgesic
sublimaze fentanyl citrate anesthetic
ketazol ketamine HCl anesthetic
demerol pethidine HCl opioid analgesic
amacet tramadol HCl, paracetamol opioid analgesic
alovel alenoronate anti-osteoporosis
amlodac amlodipine besylate Ca channel blocker
amlodine amlodipine besylate Ca channel blocker
amlogen amlodipine besylate Ca channel blocker
angimax trimetazidine diHCl anti-angina
alclav co-amoxiclav antibacterial
ampimax sultamicillin tosilate antibacterial
atvas atorvastatin Ca antihyperlipidaemic
cetamadol tramadol HCl, paracetamol analgesic
dexilant dexlansoprazole proton pump inhibitor
clavax co-amoxiclav antibacterial
diclowal NSAIDs
exigo betahistine HCl anti-vertigo
elantan isosorbide-5-mononitrate anti-angina
glimetrol dlimepiride oral hypoglycemic
itorvaz atorvastatin antihyperlipidaemia
gastroaide lactobacillus sporogenes,hi-maize, inulin, gamma-oryzanol, colostrum dietary supplement
juvenaid L-arginine, L-glutamine dietary supplement
klindex clindamycin HCl antibacterial
lipiduce fenofibrate antihyperlipidaemic
monurol fonsomycin trometamol antibacterial
mobenac aceclofenac NSAIDs
olandus olanzapine anti-psychotic
peprazom esomeprazole Mg proton pump inhibitor
prolix prednisone corticosteroid
rapiclav co-amoxiclav antibacterial
panaxim cefuroxime axetil antibacterial
pantokem pantoprazole Na proton pump inhibitor
roswin rosuvastatin Ca antihyperlipidaemic
ramipro ramipril ACE inhibitor
tebonin ginkgo biloba neurotrophic agent
orvakline atorvastatin antihyperlipidaemic
rapeed rabeprazole Na proton pump inhibitor
renzil enalapril maleate ACEE inhibitor
rosuvastatin Ca antihyperlipidaemic
tamsulosin HCl, finasteride alpha, blocker, 5-alpha reductase inhibitor
cilostazol antiplatelet, peripheral vasodilator
tramal tramadol HCl opioid analgesic
traxan tranexamic acid anti-fibrinolytic
utrogestan progesterone sex hormone
trump tramadol HCl opioid analgesic
velmetia sitagliptin phosphate, metformin HCl antidiabetic
xelevia sitagliptin phosphate antidiabetic
zyprexa olanzapine antipsychotic
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