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RADT 465 Procedure


varus turned inward
the coronoid process should be visualized in profile in which position? medial oblique elbow
male pelvis characteristics pelvic brim, or inlet, is smaller and heart shaped; acetabulum is larger and faces laterally; pubic angle is more than 90 degrees; ilium is more vertical
female pelvis characteristics pelvic brim, or inlet, is large and oval; acetabulum is small and faces anteriorly; the pubic angle is more than 90 degrees; ilium is more horizontal
which lung has 3 lobes? right; left has 2
PA skull criteria perpendicular CR exits nasion; petrous pyramids should fill orbits
graves disease is associated with what? hyperthyroidism
a townes 30 degree caudad shows what bone the best occipital
judet method (RPO Pelvis) shows what structures? anterior rim of the right acetabulum; right iliac wing
spondylolisthesis forward slipping of one vertebra on the one below it
Persistent fetal foramen oval atrial septal defect
what position is best demonstrating esophageal varices recombent
what tissues occupies the central cavity within the shaft of long bones? yellow marrow
Avulsion small bony fragment pulled away from bony process
what space does contrast go into while doing a myelogram? subarachnoid
sagittal suture separates what bones separates the parietal bones
coronal suture separates what bones frontal and parietal
lambdoidal suture separates what bones parietal and occipital bones
Squammosal suture separates what bones temporal and parietal
contrecoup injury injury located on the side opposite that the primary injury is on
which view best evaluates the maxillary sinus? waters (parietoacanthial projection)
secondary center of ossification in long bone epiphysis
primary center of ossification in long bone diaphysis
at what level do the carotid arteries bifurcate C4
which carpals does the ulnar deviation best demonstrate lateral carpals and scaphoid
T/F the scapular borders on a Y view of the shoulder should be superimposed on the humeral shaft? True
characteristics of the hypersthenic body type short,wide, transverse heart, and high and peripheral large bowel
glassitis refers to inflammation of what? the tongue
During an air-contrasted BE, in what part of the colon is air most likely to be visualized with the body in the AP recumbent? transverse colon
what part of the spine is kyphotic? sacral and thoracic
the ossified portion of a long bone where cartilage has been replaced by bone is known as the? metaphysis
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