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parts of a city

CBD (central business district) Its usually found right in the centre of a city. It has all the shops and offices and its where transport routes meet. Buildings are tall and buildings density is very high. Very few people live here.
The Suburbs These are housing areas found towards the edge of the city. Land here is cheaper, and is still close enough to travel into the centre for work quite easily. Middle-class families tend to live here because theres less crime and pollution.
The Inner City This is the part around the centre (CBD). It has a mix of poorer quality housing and older industrial buildings. It can be run down and deprived but theres also newer buildings derelict land has been redeveloped.
The Rural-Urban Fringe This is the part right at the edge of a city, where there are both urban land uses e.g. factories and rural land uses e.g. farming. Here you tend to find fewer, larger houses.
Created by: Jadebailey