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Ice on the Land

Accumulation Inputs to the glacier budget, such as snowfall and avalanches.
Ablation Outputs from the glacier budget, such as melting.
Abrasion The process of erosion involving the wearing away of the valley floor and sides.
Moraine Sediment carried and deposited by the ice.
Corrie A deep depression on a hillside with a steep back wall, often containing a lake (tarn).
ArĂȘte A knife-edged ridge, often formed between two corries.
Pyramidal Peak A sharp-edged mountain peak.
Glacial Trough A wide, steep-sided valley eroded by a glacier.
Truncated Spur An eroded interlocking spur characterised by having a very steep cliff.
Hanging Valley A tributary glacial trough perched up on the side of a main valley, often marked by a waterfall.
Lateral Moraine A ridge of frost-shattered sediment running along the edge of a glacier where it meets the valley side.
Medial Moraine A ridge of sediment running down the centre of a glacier formed when two lateral moraines merge.
Terminal Moraine A high ridge running across the valley representing the maximum advance of a glacier.
Drumlin An egg-shaped hill found on the floor of a glacial trough.
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