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Motor Controls

What are the differences between 2 wire and 3 wire control switches? 2 Wire control switches will start once it's plugged in. With a 3 wire control switch once the power is lost the device will not start back up when power is restored.
What is an Overload and what is the percentage? The overload opens if too much current is being drawn for a sustained time. Needs to be 125%.
4 Types of Energy Electrical Mechanical Chemical Hydraulic
What is LOTO Lock Out Tag Out
Define steps for LOTO 1. Inform people 2. Lock it out (isolate sources of engergy) 3. Release Stored Energy 4. Use voltmeter to make sure its dead ** Now do Maintenance 5. Clean Up
What is PPE Personal Protective Equipment
What are the differences between bonding and grounding? Bonding is not designed to carry current. An example is metal conduit. Grounding is designed to carry current.
What are the 3 types of diagrams? Wiring, Ladder and Single
What is a Single diagram Shows basic functionality of things.
What is a Wiring Diagram? Shows the physical location of the diagram.
What is a Ladder Diagram? Shows the electrical connections between things.
What does the power circuit do. Delivers power to the motor.
What is another name for power circuit? Primary Circuitry.
What does the Pilot circuitry do? What controls the motor. Switches, low voltage, low amperage...
How do you change the direction in a 3 phase motor? Switch Red & Black Wires. Or use a drum switch.
How do you change the direction in a DC Motor? Flip the leads around.
How do you change the direction in a Split phase motor? Reverse polarity by swapping start windings.
What is the speed of AC Motor dependent on? Frequency and Number of Poles.
What is the speed of a DC Motor dependent on? Voltage and Current.
On a Pushbutton switch, what is the part pushed called? Operator.
On a pushbutton switch, what is the part behind the "push"? Contact Block
3 Types of photo sensor? Retroflective, Diffused, and Through-beam scanning.
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