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Unit 6 Stack

Canvassing going through neighborhoods asking for votes or taking public opinion polls.
Interest groups people with similar points of view who work together to promote that point of view
campaign an organized effort to gater support for a candidate
conservative a political ideology in which a person wants to keep things the way they are, and want less change. They prefer a small government with less social programs, and more individual responsibility for success.
Bias a one sided or slanted point of view
candidate a person seeking an elected government office
referendum an election in which voters can approve or reject a local or state law
propaganda technique used to promote a particular person or idea
precinct a geographical area that contains a specific number of votes
platfrom a political party's statement of its goals and positions on public issues. It is made up of a series of planks
liberal a political ideology in which a person is open to new ideas, and willing to initiate change or reform. They prefer a larger government that can adress social issues and provide programs to help groups achieve success.
lobbying an organized effort to persuade government officials to support a particular group or position on an issue
nominate to choose a candidate to run for political office
PAC an organization established to raise money to support an issue or candidate
Moderate a political ideology in which a person's opinions and beliefs are not strong or extreme. The majority of Americans fall into this category
Convention a large gathering of people who share a common interest including formal gathering of people for political purposes
editorials a writing or cartoon based on opinion of political events that is published in a newspaper or magazine and is designed to promote discussion about an issue
straight ticket the practice of voting for all the candidate of one political party
plank an item of a political party's platform. Specific statements about how a political party stands on the issues
caucus a meeting of political party members to conduct party business. Usually to nominate a candidate to run for office
recall elections in which voters can remove a public official from office
political party an organization made up of people who share similar ideas about the way the country should be governed
popular vote votes cast directly by the people
split ticket the practice of voting for candidates of different political parties in an election
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