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history unit9 review

How did the construction of railroads and canals benefit northern industry? allowed faster movement of people and products
complete the diagram below ( what did urbanization lead to?) more immigrants in cities more pollution in major cities division between classes
what characteristics best completes the list? factory system and reform movements
which innovation wat MOST responsible for the growth of industry during the 1800s? steam power
Which if the following is a correct cause effect relationship for era? industrialism led to growth of cities
Eil Whitent's development of interchangable parts had what impact on U.S. industry? machinery, Manfactured goods, good be assmbled quicker.
what was a result of the Missouri compromise? sectional tensions between the north and south ended for a short time.
which word below best fits as a negative consequence into both blanks? pollution
complete the diagram below ( what did urbanization lead to?) cotton gin bessemer steel process mechanical reaper
which of the following was a benefit of the free enterprise system in the united states during the 19th century? less dependence on foreign products
what were w3 economic changes in the u.s. as a result of the war of 1812 increased industrial production introduction of the american system increased reliance on american manufactured goods
Created by: bresims99