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Medthods of Administering Medications

Pertaining to the mouth Buccal
Introduction of a substance into a vein Infusion
Representation by graphs, diagrams, or charts of the relationship between numerical variables Nomogram
Other than by mouth Parenteral
An ointment Salve
A soft, fatty substance having healing properties Ointnment
Under the tounge Sublingual
A medicated conical or cylindral shaped material that is inserted into the rectum or vagina Suppository
Through the skin Transdermal
Pertaining to a specific area, local Topical
Most oral medications are intended for absorption in the Small intestines
Sublingual and buccal methods of administering introduce medication immediately into the _____ ______ through membranes. blood stream
_______ medications are supplied as creams, suppositories, tablets, douches, foams, ointments, tampons, sprays, and salves Vaginal
Medications that are applied in various forms to the skin are termed Topical
__________ medications are breathed into the respiratory tract. Inhalation
__________ medications are give by means of injection. Parenteral
The ____ method is the most convenient method of medication. Oral
The dosage of ____________ drugs is determined by the body surface area of the patient. Chemotherapy
Allergies and other vital information are noted on a patient's chart in ___ ink. Red
List the points of the standard format checklist for administering medications. Make sure you have the right patient, medication, dose/amount, route/method, technique, time/schedule
How many times should you check a medication before you administer it and why? 4 Checks. Compare to Dr's orders, compare while preparing, before administering, and after administering
What does technique mean regarding medication? Technique refers to how the method is administered.
Explain what time has to do in regard to medications. Time is important in regards to medication due to immunization schedules, interaction with food, expiration date and maxium effectiveness.
Why is important to check the expiration date on medications? It is important to check the exiration date because it effects quality and content.
So the same guidelines apply to sample packets of medications as they do to prescriptions? Yes, it is the same stregnth and still ordered by a doctor.
Applied to surface Oral
Placed in mouth between the cheek and gum Buccal
Under the tounge Sublingual
Inserted Vaginal
Placed on a fleshy body part Transdermal
Injected Parenteral
Breathed in Inhalation
By mouth Oral
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