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Weathering and Erosion

mechanical weathering frost, sudden temperature change, plants and animals
chemical weathering action of chemicals on rock e.g carbonic acid
freeze thaw action frost action ,water in cracks freezes and expands so splitting rocks
scree loose heaps of rocks
carbonic acid rain passing through the atmosphere joins with carbon dioxide to form a weak carbonic acid
karst landscape exposed limestone at the surface
limestone pavement grikes and clints on the surface, karst landscape
grike cracks in limestone pavement
clint surface rocks in limestone pavement
swallow/sink holes where a river disappears underground
caverns cave underground formed by river erosion of limestone
stalactites slender column of calcite hanging from a cavern ceiling
stalagmites thick column of calcite forms on the cavern floor
pillars when a stalactite and stalagmite meet
bedding planes horizontal cracks that separate the limestone layers
joints vertical cracks that separate the limestone layers
Burren Co Clare Karst landscape in Ireland
erosion breaking down and carrying away of rock by water ,ice and wind
weathering breaking down of rock
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