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11B-031814 Vocabulary

adequate (adj.) sufficient, enough; able to be used
ajar (adj./adv.) partly open
dialogue (n.) a conversation between two or more people; an interchange of opinions and ideas, free discussion
emblem (n.) a symbol of something; a sign; a token
gigantic (adj.)huge, giant, immense
havoc (n.) very great destruction, ruin; great confusion and disorder
hearth (n.) the floor of a fireplace; the fireside as a symbol of the home and family
implore (v.) to beg; earnestly ask for
infamous (adj.) very wicked; shamefully bad; having a bad reputation
innumerable (adj.) too many to count, without number
lax (adj.) not strict, careless; lacking discipline; not tense, relaxed
mar (v.) to spoil, damage, injure
misdemeanor (n.) a crime or offense that is less serious than a felony; any minor misbehavior or misconduct
mull (v.) to think about, ponder; to grind or mix; to heat and flavor with spices
narrative (n.) a story, detailed report; (adj.) having the quality or the nature of a story.
overture (n.) an opening move toward negotiation or action; a proposal or offer; an introductory section or part
pact (n.) an agreement, treaty
stalemate (n.) a situation in which further action by either of two opponents is impossible; (v.) to bring to a standstill
vindictive (adj.) bearing a grudge, feeling or showing a strong tendency toward revenge
wilt (v.) to become limp and drooping (as a flower), wither; to lose strength and vigor
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