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Adolescent Psych

Chapters 4-6

Why does self esteem rise in emerging adulthood? 1. People feel more comfortable with how they look in emerging adulthood 2. relationships with parents get better 3. leaving pressure of highschool
Identity vs Identity confusion the healthy path in adolescence involves establishing a clear and definite sense of who you are. love, work, ideology. You reflect on traits, abilities, and intrests, sift through life choices, and making commitments. Failure to establish commitments=conf
How are identities formed? Identifications: modeling after people they love. not imitating but integrating parts of thir loved one's behavior and attitude into their own personality.
Psychosocial Moratorium a period when adult responsibilites are postponed as young people try on various possibl selves. Falling in love is a part of identity formation because during this process you get a clearer sense of yourself through intimate interactions with others.
Identity Diffused no exploration and no commitment. anxiety, apathy, and disconnected relationships.
Identity Moratorium exploration but no commitment
Identity Foreclosed no exploration but commitment
Identity Achieved adolescents have explored and committed
postmodern identity
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