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pharm final


potassium sparer dyrenium
treat uti bactrim
thiazide hctz and diuril
loop diuretics lasix
carbonic anhydrase diamox
nonsystemic antacid amphojel, mom, mylanta
treat gi and motility atropine and pro-bantine
protect mucosa carafate
antiflatulants mylicon
h2 receptor zantac and pepcid
antiemtic zofran
poisoning syrup of ipecac
bulk-forming metamucil
intestine stimulant senokot
lubricant mineral oil
fecal softener colace
antidiarrheal lomitol
narcotic analgesic morphine
narcotic antagonist narcan
anticonvulsant dilantin
antihistamine benadryl
b2 short acting adrenalin
antitussive codeine
decongestant sudafed
peniciilin peniciilin and bicillin
cephalosporin keflex
macrolides zithromax
antiviral zovirax
antifungal fulvicin
aminoglycoside INH and rifampin
sulfonamide tetracycline
gastric acid pump nexium
Created by: breinard