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CSC 150

Chapter 4

Control structure It controls the flow of execution in a program or function
Kinds of control structure to control execution Sequence, selection and repeptition
function of selection control structure It chooses which alternate to choose
Different operators AND operator (&&), or operator (||) and NOT operator (!)
Operator precedence An operator precedence determines its value of evaluation
Decision steps in Algorithm Algorithm steps that selects from a choice of actions are called Decision steps
Steps in program development 1. Problem identification 2. Analysis 3. Design 4. Implementation 5. Testing 6. Maintenance
Explain about Problem identification Need to find what the real problem is and the solution to the problem. Required things are selected and eliminate the unimportant aspects.
Analysis Identifying the problems i.e. a> input ( the data you have to work with) b> output ( the desired output) c> any additional requirement or constraints on the solution d> Formulas
Design This is the step in which problem is solved by making lists of steps called an Algorithm.
Implementation It is a step of writing program in computer language from Algorithm.
Testing It refers to the step in which program is tested many times to check if the program is well enough to provide you with correct answer.
Maintenance Maintenance and updating the program involves modifying a program to remove previously undetected errors.
Controlling expression The Controlling expression is an expression with a value of type int or type char, is evaluated and compared to each of the case labels in the label sets until a match is found.
Label set A label set is made of one or more labels of the form case followed by a constant value and a colon.
Types of statement while, for and do-while
Loop Repetition of steps in a program is called Loop.
Counting Loop Its repetition is managed by a loop control variable whose value repeats a count.
Special assignment operator in C + - * / %
Compound assignment operator in C += -= /= %=
What are the steps involved in for loop? 1. initialization 2. repetition 3. update
Incremental operator for 1 ++
Decremented operator for 1 --
Logic error In programming, a logic error is a bug in a program that causes it to operate incorrectly, but not to terminate abnormally (or crash). The program runs and produces the output, but is incorrect.
Syntax error A error that occurs when a program cannot understand the command that has been entered. A program doesn't execute until and unless al syntax errors are corrected.
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