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chapter 9 and 18

clinical decision support tools providing guideline- or knowledge-based information to healthcare providers as they interface with the data repository
computer-based documentation systems prompt clinicians to provide more complete information to document their clinical decisions and patient interactions
computerized provider order entry (CPOE) process by which healthcare providers electronically place clinical orders into a computerized database
data repository a type of database that contains patient information
data standardization a regular format for data entered into EHRs, the terms used to represent the data, and the data's configuration
electronic health record (EHR) system electronic version of the patient's paper-based medical record. they store, manage, and display healthcare related records
electronic medical record (EMR) computerized clinical documentation of a patient's medical care over time within a single institution
electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) describes CPOE in ambulatory care settings, limited to electronic transmission of prescription, data between prescribers, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, and insurance plans
functionality sum of all things that a software program or system can do for users
health level 7 (HL-7) one of several standards setting organizations who provide interoperability standards for EHR systems
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act enacted in 1996
interoperability capability of information systems to exchange and use data
personal health record (PHR) web-based platform accessible to and controlled by patients about their own medical care and insurance coverage
user interface access point for information available in a patient data repository
american pharmacist association's (APhA) pathway evaluation program process for exploring pharmacy careers and provides resources for making informed career decisions
american society of health-system pharmacy midyear clinical meeting and exhibition national annual meeting in december where individuals interested in post-graduate training can attend the residency showcase
curriculum vitae (CV) provides detailed information about an individual's qualifications and experiences
internship on-the-job training experience for students enrolled in pharmacy school
portfolio collection of information about an individual designed to provide a comprehensive picture of experience, accomplishments, and training
resume document summarizing relevant information, training, and job experience
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