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Pharm Final


Potassium Sparer Drug & Action Dyrenium; Antagonises action of aldosterone (blocked) - sodium and water are excreted
Drug used to treat UTI - Sulfonamide Drug, Action, NI Bactrim; Treat acute UTI & acute Otitis Media (ear infection); Push Fluids
Thiazide & Agents Drugs (2) & Action & NI HCTZ & Diuril; Inhibit reabsorption of sodium & chlroide ions in the distal tubule of nephron, which results in excretion of sodium, chloride and water; Give in early AM, labs, high K+ supplement, no alcohol, sunblock, rise slowly
Loop Diuretic & S/E (4) Lasix; Electrolyte imbalance, dizziness, photosensitivity, hypotension, muscle cramps
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor Drug & Action Diamox; Inhibit enzyme carbonic & hydrase in kidney, which results in excretion of sodium, potassium, bi-carbonate, water
Nonsystemic Antacids Drugs (3) Amphojel,MOM,Mylanta
Nonsystemic Antacids Drugs Action/Use Soluable in gastric & intestinal secretions & readily absorbs; capable of altering electrolyte balance producing systemic alkalosis & rebound hyperacidity;neutralizes acidity
Nonsystemic Antacids Drugs NI Dont use all the time; block absorption of drugs; dont take drugs w/in 2hrs before/after antacids-no salt added; shake well take w/h20; chew tablet &take w/h20
Drugs that decrease GI Motility & Spasm - Anticholinergic Drugs (2), action & use (5) Atropine, Pro-Bantine; Block cholinergic nerve conduction, resulting in decrease motility & reduced secretions; IBS, mild ulcerative collitis, diverticulitis, pancreaitis, treat peptic ulcer disease
Drug that protect muscosa, action, NI Carafate; When swallowed, drug binds w/protein molecules to form a viscous(thick & sticky) substance that buffers acid, that protects muscosa doesnt stop gastric secretions; 30min-1hr before meals on empty stomach; fruit,fiber,fluids
Antiflatulant Drug & Action Mylicon; Defoaming action that disperses & prevents formation of muscous surrounding gas pockets in intestines (gas)
H2 Receptor Inhibitor Action & Uses (3) Zantac & Pepcid; Inhibit action of histamine at H2 receptor cells in stomach, which reduces secretion of gastric acid; gastric & duodenal ulcers, heartburn & hypersecretory (excess acid), GERD, stress related ulcers
Antiemetic Drug & Action Zofran; Act on vomiting center
Drug used in Poisoning, action, uses (2) Syrup of Ipecac; Caused by location irritation of stomach & by stimulation of vomiting center of medulla; Empty stomach contents rapidly when ingesting poisons or drug overdose; shouldnt be used in pt swallowed a corrosive acid or petroleum product
Bulk-forming Drug & Action Metamucil; Cause water to be retained w/in stole, increase bulk that stimulates peristalsis
Drugs that act on Intestine - Laxative/Irritant/Stimulant Drug & Action (2) Senokot; Act directly on intestine causing irritation that promotes peristalsis & evacuation, PO form & suppository all found in fridge - will start to melt at room temp - pt needs to be on left side & used water jelly
Lubricant/Emollient Drug & Action (3) Agoral(Mineral Oil); Lubricates intestinal wall & softens stole; if used frequently it will inhibit absorption of fat soluable vitamins A,D,E,K; mineral oil coats
Fecal Softener Drug & Action (3) Colace; Draw h20 into stole causing it to soften may take up to 72 hours to work; slow acting; take on daily basis
Antidiarrheal Drug, Action, Use Lomitol; acts directly on muscle wall of bowel to slow motility & also related to opiods dependence; Relieve acute diarrhea
Narcotic/Opiod Analgesic Drug, Action (3, S/E (11) Morphine Sulfate; Elevate pain threshold, interfere w/ pain, alter pain or combo of all 3; Sedation, euphoria, light-headedness, dizziness, agitation, miosis, depression of breathing, hypotension, brady/tachycardia, urinary retention, allergic reaction
Narcotic Antagonist, Drug, Action, Use, S/E (3), NI (2) Narcan; competes/blocks receptor sites so that narcotic contacts; treat respiratory depression when excessive doses of opiate agonist have been admin; N/V, Tachycardia, Hypertension; watch respirs dont drop, may not stay in body
Uric Acid (Gout) Inhibitor Drugs (2), action & use Benemid & Zyloprim; Reduce uric acid production & prevent; treat/prevent gout attacks & gouty arthritis, adjunct w/antibiotics
Anticonvulsant Drug & S/E (6) Dilantin; CNS s/e - drowsiness, dizziness, headache, ataxia, slurred speech, gingival hyperplasia
Antihistamine Drug, Action, uses (6) Benadryl; block affects of histamine; prototype that treats mild allergic reaction, puritis, hipnotic, anti-parkinson drug, treat motion sickness
Benadryl S/E (8) sedation, drowsiness, disturbed coordination, dry mouth, blurred vision, urinary retention, constipation, tachycardia
Short acting B2 agonist drug & action Adrenalin; relaxes bronchiole and vascular smooth muscle by stimulating beta receptors
Antitussive Drug Action, Use, S/E (5), NI (6) Codeine; Depress cough center; suppresses cough center; constipation, sedation, dizziness, respiratory depression, euphoria; no alcohol, no CNS depressants, stool softner, check respir <12, call dr. record on narcotic sheet. verify count
Decongestant Drug & Action Sudafed; relies on its direct action on the adrenergic receptor system. The vasoconstriction that pseudoephedrine produces is believed to be principally an α-adrenergic receptor response.
Penicillins Drugs (2) & Action, Use, S/E (5) Penicillin & Bicillin; Used against pathogenic bacteria & most widely used antibiotics; middle ear infection, pneumonia, UTI, menegitis, syphillus, gonorrhea, dental procedures, N/V/D, nephrotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, anemia, bone marrow depression
Penicillin NI (6) Take on empty stomach 1hr before or 2hrs after, PCN & cephalosporins has cross sensitization, known for having allergic reactions, no juices, renal excretion of PCN is rapid, can be delayed by benemid admin which results in ^ & prolonged blood levels
Cephalosporin Drug Action & NI (6) Keflex; Chemically r/t PCN & have similar action; cross sensitivity w/PCN, take with food to avoid GI upset, used cautiously in pts w/liver disease, yogurt, buttermilk, disulfuram like action if alcohol is consumed w/in 72hrs after admin of cephalosporins
Macrolides Drug & S/E (4) Zithromax; N/V/D, abnormal teste, abdominal pain, cramping
Antiviral Drug, Action, Use Zovirax; treat acute or chronic viruses; Treats herpes zoster (shingles)
Antifungal Drug, Use & NI Fulvicin; Treat ring worm infection of skin, hair & nails; give w/milk fatty foods for absorption
Aminoglycoside drug Action, s/e, NI Gentamicin; bactericidal against a wide range of gram+ & gram- bacteria & mycobacteria; treat serious infection watch labs - BUN & Creatinine
Antitubercular drugs (2) INH, Rifampin
INH Action & NI best tb drug available; used prophylactically; peripheral neuritis result of B6 deficiency - give daily vitamin
Rifampin s/e (3) flu like syndrome occurs when admin of drug is stopped then resumed so dont skip doses, may produce orange-red color in urine, sputum, tears and sweat. Expensive and resistance develops when used alone
Sulfonamide Drug, Action, S/E Tetracycline; 1st true antibiotic tp be effectove against gram-&gram+ bacteria - broad spectrum; rickettsia & mycobacteria; N/V/D, photosensitivty, super infectgion, nephrotoxicity
Tetracycline NI (8) not given during pregnancy or ^ to age8 b/c of staining of teeth - yellow, gray, brown; shouldnt be given during bone growth use different method iron, calcium, mag - decreases absorption, admin 1hr b4/2hrs after ingestion, no milk
Gastric Acid Pump Inhibitor Action Nexium; Surpress gastric acid secretion by block final step in production of gastric acid by gastric muscosa
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