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Witch/Blackbird Pond


Wistfully Sadly or melancholy
Puncilious Very proper or strict
Aloof not friendly; distant
intangible not definite or clear to the mind
constraint limitation or restriction
nondescript non recognized or non definite
deft skillful, clever
imperceptibly very slight or gradual
haughtily proud or snobbish
wraith a visible spirit
incredulous showing disbelief
pewter metal substance made of tin or lead
chagrined marked by humility
monotonous lacking in variety
dour gloomy
placating to make someone less angry
aghast shocked, filled with fright
divinity quality of being god-like
indulgently leniently or permissively
fulsome disgusting; repulsive
veritable very true
affront a personally offensive act
non-plussed completely puzzled
damask a reversible fabric woven with patterns
dubiously doubtfully
auspiciously favorably
grudgingly reluctantly, unwillingly
sepuchel tomb or grave
implacable inflexible
precarious risky or unstable
obstreperous noisy or boisterous
priggish prudish; self righteous, narrow minded
tremulously nervous, fearful
topaz mineral usually gold colored used as a gem
ingenious clever, intelligent, showing genius
raiment clothing; apparel; attire
sanctioned given permission or approval
rapler-like sword-like
gnarled bent, twisted
hapless unlucky, unfortunate
tart a small pie cooked with fruit
filigree delicate ornamental work of fine silver and gold
nonchalant unconcerned, casual
heretic anyone who maintains religious opinions against those of another religion
blithely joyously
foreboding predicting of something bad
arrogance offensive display of superiority
papist roman catholic
premonition feeling of anticipation or anxiety over a future
propitious favorable
poignant emotionally moving
reconcile to settle a quarrel or fight
drudgery monotonous work
lustrous shiny
condescending patronizing descent showing superiority
grenadiers a specially selected foot soldier
insubordination disobedient, not submissive to authority
tryst secret meeting
consorting keeping company
docile obedient, easily handled
inveigled enticed by flattery
afflicted to be suffering or sick
veranda an open porch enclosed by railings
poultice a soft moist cloth used as medicine
infidel an unbeliever, a person who doesn't accept particular faiths
obstinate very stubborn
pandemonium chaos, wild uproar
arduous very hard, difficult
gaunt extremely thin and bony
magistrate judge
treadle a lever worked by foot to work a machine
abate to lessen
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