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HRM important plays key role in organ to meet its objectives employees greatest asset- drives organ forward actively involved implementing procedures, targets + goals
facilitator role provision + delivery of management training + guidance done by HRMK
Auditior role HRM policies + procedures must b followed by all in organ. + HRM dept monitor + report on this
Consultancy role specialist info. + guidance given by HRM dept. to managers on handling different matters + situations
Executive role HRM dept. experts on employment + HR matters
service role HRM dept. ensure all employees + management kept up to date w changes in HR info, procedures + law
Acticities of HRM Dept recruit, train, develop members of staff promtoe+manage positive employee relations provide safe working cons Create/implement appraisal system develop polices/procedures comply w legislation promtote continual prof development carry out HR planning
temporary contracts people employed on casual basis only 4 short period of time - supplement core no. of staff. fluctuations: christmas
part time contracts less hoyrs than full day / couple days per week
homeworking work away from office/ communicate w ICT
Working practices benefits for employee balance personal + work commitments easily = better balance own start/ finish time chosen travel/cost reduced less stressful
Working practices benefits organ. staff more motivated = more productive reduced absence + late coming space + money saved in office if employees out office staff recruitment easier if flexible
Identifying a jod vacancy identify jod actually exists. replacement/ increase in demand caused increased workload that needs to be adressed
Job analysis look carefully at vacancy, decide tasks carried out, responsibilities / skills needed.
job description document of job entails drawn up. info on job title, purpose, tasks + responsibilities. info on pay, work hours, number of days, benefits( eg company car) location.
person specification type of person most suitable. skills , qualifications, personal attributs + experiences. used as tool in selection process
advertising aware job exists. advertise internally / externally
internal recruitment job vacancy advertised in organ. + knowledge of existing employees +employee promotion = :) +money saved on advertising/ selecting/ training +employees familiar - no fresh new outlook - may not be existing employee suitable
external recruitment + new ideas +lots of applicants -existing employees unvalued lost motivation to work hard - expensive 2 advertise eg. newspaper - wrong person could be selected
short listing application forms- issued on request. specific pieces of info. applicant fills in Curriculum Vitae - by applicant - only info applicant wants to disclose references- report by other organ. or individual.key comments, attitude
interviews one to one - not uncommon - disadvantage - interviewer many not like particular applicant succesive interview - several interviewers - interview each candidate seperate. applicant no. of interviews to attend. panel intervies- several ppl at one time.
psychometric tests Q's on personality. type of personn/ suit requirements 4 job. no correct answer, should be truthful. sometimes given 1 organ. wants to hear
aptitude tests natural abilities on skills required for job - literacy + numeracy skills
intelligence tests IQ tests - mental capability. problem solving / thinking skill, numeracy, literacy. score at end compared
medical tests doctor/nurse examines each applicant 4 medical issues eg emergancy services / army - strict medical conditions
induction training provides new employees with an introduction to organisation. info bout organ., job role + responsibilities. fire exits. adapt to environment.
on the job training training in workplace with equipment, less expensive than off the job
off- the job training provided out with organ. taken out of working environment trained by specialist trainers
training costs/benefits +highly motivated +more productive +improved quality -expensive working time lost - productivity fail -employee reluctance
appraisals ensure working 2 best possible standard. strengths + development identified +promtions identified +recieve ffedback +opportunity for development - demotivated if negative - time consuming -stress
emplyees motivated by flexible working practices praise and constructive feedback opportunities for own initiative and responsibility for own work
trade unions represent employees. include pay, working conditions, dismissal + any other work related issue.
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