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Milady Ch 1

History of Nail Technology

The first to stain their nails with henna. Egyptians
Aristocrats during the Shang Dynasty tinted their nails with gum, gelatin, beeswax, and egg whites. Chinese
Soldiers painted their lips and nails red before battle. Greeks
Men and women used sheep's blood mixed with fat to add color to nails. Romans
Women wore cosmetics and had intricate hair but did not color eyes or nails. Middle Ages.
Make-up and nail color were strongly discouraged, but manicures were acceptable to the wealthy. Renaissance
Women bit their lips and pinched their cheeks to naturally color the face. Red stain was added to fingernails and then buffed with a chamois. Victorian
Began selling make-up that wouldn't crack Max factor
Flowery manicure created this tool still used today. Emery Board
Women painted their nails for the first time with this. Clear varnish
Mass marketed the first colored lacquer using materials from the automobile paint. Charles Revson
During this period nails were painted avoiding the moon and often the tip. 1940s
During this era red lacquer omitting the moon became popular followed by full nail coverage in pastel colors. 1950s
Juliette nail wraps were introduced and nail clippings were reattached to the finger with glue and reinforced with cotton strands. 1960s
Monomer and Polymer nail enhancements were introduced as well as ridge filler. 1970s
Invented the French Manicure Jeff Pink
Nail art came into Vogue. 1980s
The day spa was born including the pedicure throne. Nail art and white tips were commonly airbrushed, and UV gel was just getting introduced. 1990s
Created by: beckieharris
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