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MG Midterm

Questions 1-40

The nature of management is to control and dictate others in an organization. False
The nature of management is to cope with __ and far-reaching challenges. C) Diverse
For a widget manufacturing company, worker-hours per widget is a measure of C) Organizational efficiency
Research shows that managers enjoy all of the following except: D) Managing time
The individual performer is_____; whereas, the manager has to be a _________ Specialist, Generalist
Current employees, management, and especially corporate culture are part of an organization's internal environment. True
____ system draws resources from the external environment and releases goods and services back to it. C) Open
The ___ of the external environment represents events originating in foreign countries as well as opportunities for American companies in other countries. C) International Dimensions
Scientific and technological advancements in a specific industry as well as in society at large are included in which general environment dimension? D) Technological dimension
The external _____ includes all elements existing outside the boundary of the organization that have the potential to effect the organization. Organizational enviroment
Seeking cheaper sources of materials or labor offshore is called off shoring. True
Today's companies compete in a ___. E) Borderless world
The process of globalization typically passes through all of the following stages EXCEPT d) Interdomestic stage
What is exporting? D) All of these
_____ is the management of business operations conducted in more than one country. International Management
The moral agent is an individual who must take an ethical choice in an organization. True
Sharon is a manager at Softest Tissue corporation. She is face with an interesting problem. One of her employees has been cheating the company out of expense money, Sharon must decide whether or not to fire this employee. In this role, Sharon is acting as A) a moral agent
A situation that arises when all alternative choices or behaviors have been deemed undesirable because of the potentially negative ethical consequences, making it difficult to distinguish right from wrong, is considered C) An ethical dilemma
Which approach is the ethical concept that moral behaviors produce the greatest good for the greatest number? C) Utilitarian
The ethical concept that moral behaviors produce the greatest good for the greatest number is referred to as ____ approach. Utilitarian
___ refers to a desired state that an organization attempts to realize. c) Goal
Which of these is(are) primarily concerned with tactical goals/plans? A) Middle Management
You are violating which of these goal characteristics when you attempt to create goals for every aspect of employee behavior? D) Cover key result areas
A (n) ___ is a desired future state that the organization attempts to realize. Goal
A (n) ___ is a blueprint for a goal achievement and specifies the necessary resource allocations, schedule, tasks, and other actions. Plan
Gerald Groceries and Marty's Market decided to merge their operations. This would be considered a non programmed decision. True
WorldCom, a telecommunications company, decided to buy Skytel in 1999. This would be considered a programmed decision. False
Managers are often referred to as A) Decision maker
Programmed decisions are made in response to ___ organizational problems. B) Recurring
Which of the following means that all the information the decision-maker needs is fully available? A) Certainty
The deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals refers to organizing True
Strategy defines __ to do(it) while organizing defines __ to do (it) C) What; How
Which of the following refers to the degree to which organizational tasks are subdivided into individual jobs? C) Work specialization
Gina wishes to transfer authority and responsibility to her subordinates. This process is known as C) Delegation
The visual representation of an organization's structure is called the ___ Organization Chart
Technology change involves the hierarchy of authority, goals, administrative procedures, and managerial systems. False
The adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization is known as organization A) Change
The innovation strategy for changing products and technologies that involves designing the organization to encourage creativity and the initiation of new ideas is known as A) Exploration
Creative organizations B) Are loosely structured.
The innovation strategy for changing products and technologies that involves managers putting in place processes and structures to ensure the new ideas are carried forward for acceptance and implementation is know as _____ Entrepreneurship
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