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Psychology #2

What is stranger anxiety? When does it begin? When does it end? Child's fear parents will not return 7&1/2 months- 3 years old
What is storm and stress? Give five reasons why it occurs. Conflicts between adolences and their parents
What is a mid-life crisis? What are the differences between what men experience and what women experience. Conflicts adults have with themselves men= (psychological) believe they lose their role in the family women= (physical) 2nd adolence
What is the difference between sensation and perception? Sensation= what you get from your senses. Perception= how you interpret it.
What is absolute threshold? The minimum stimulus needed to detect a stimuli 50% of the time.
What is the "cocktail party" or the "lunch room" phenomenon? Having a conversation and trying to listen to another conversation about you.
Describe the four stages of sleep and which are NREM and which are REM. 1st: Fantasy or hallucenation stage(NREM) 2nd: Sleep walking & talking (NREM) 3rd: Transitional Stage (NREM) 4th: Deep sleep (REM)
Name three common sleep disorders and describe each. Insomnia: lack of quality of sleep Sleep Apnea: Stop breathing in their sleep Narcolepsy: Fall asleep anywhere
If a person loses one of their senses do the other senses become stronger then what they were before the loss? Explain your answer. No, they don't get stronger they just use them more
What are the two reasons why people forget? Explain your answer. Decay: if you don't use it, you lose it. Displacement: learning something new and replacing it with something old.
What is the definition of the rooting reflex? Babies tendency to open its mouth in search of the nipple when touched on the cheek.
Piaget is best known for his interest in the process of what development? Cognitive
What stage of development, according to Piaget, does a child represent things with words and images but cannot reason with logic? Pre-operational
In contemporary Western societies, adolescence typically begins later or earlier and ends later than it did in previous centuries. begins earlier and ends later than before
A women beginning menopause will experience what if she is like many north american women? Hot flashes
What is an example of subliminal stimulation at the movies? Popcorn and coke-a-cola
Why are psychologists skeptical about the existence of ESP? Hoax
If something taste bad, what could someone due to help minimize the bad taste? Hold their nose
What is the definition of consciousness? Our awareness of ourselves and our environment
In what stage of sleep does a person have sensations of falling or floating weightlessly? 1st
Which group spends less time in deep sleep,20 year olds or 60 year olds? 20 year olds
Which group is likely to experience night terrors adults or children? Children
What is the term used to describe someone who has been asked to forget something revealed under hypnosis? Post hypnotic amnesia
What is the definition of tolerance? The need to take larger doses of a drug in order to experience its effect
What is the definition of physical dependence? unpleasant withdrawl symptoms
What drug has the most rapid increase in tolerance? Heroine
Is alcohol considered a stimulant or a depressant? Depressant
If a sea snail learns from a squirt of water with an electric shock, what kind of learning takes place? classical conditioning
If running through a maze gets a reward of food ,what kind of response is this? unconditional response
In which form of learning is behavior said to be influenced by its consequences? Operant response
What is the definition of reinforcer? An event that increases the frequency of the behavior
If a person uses an acrostic to remember something, what form of memory are they using? Chunking
Seven plus or minus two is the storage capacity for what form of memory? Short term
A person who is embarrassed because they cannot remember someone's name is a result of a failure of what part of memory? Retrival
What is the eerie feeling of having been somewhere? Deja Vu
Created by: ashleyalicia
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