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RADT 465: Image Acq

Image Acquisition and Evaluation

Geometric blur can be evaluated using all the following devices except (pg. 195 #1) Penetrometer
In electronic imaging, as digital image matrix size increases (pg. 195 #3) Pixel size decreases
An increase in added filtration will result in (pg. 195 #4) A decrease in x-ray intensity and an increase in effective energy of the x-ray beam
An increase in kilovoltage will have which of the following effects (pg.196 #10) More scattered radiation and the exposure rate will increase
The component of a CR image plate (IP) that records the radiologic image is the (pg. 197 #15) Photostimulable phosphor
What is true in regard to x-ray absorptiometry? (pg. 197 #18) Radiation dose is low and photon attenuation by bone is calculated
The luminescent light emitted by the PSP is transformed into the image seen on the CRT by the (pg. 197 #19) ADC
Factors that contribute to film fog include (pg. 199 #28) The age of the film, excessive exposure to light, and processor chemistry
Compared with a grid, a high ratio grid will (pg. 200 #32) Absorb more scatter radiation and absorb more primary radiation
In comparison with 60 kV, 80 kV will (pg. 203 #46) Permit greater exposure latitude and produce more scatter radiation
Causes of grid cutoff, when using focused reciprocating grids, include (pg. 203 #49) Inadequate SID
Using a short (25-30 in) SID with a large (14x17 in) IR is likely to (pg. 203 #51) Increase the anode heel effect
Chemical fog may be attributed to (pg. 204 #53) Excessive developer temperature, oxidized developer, excessive replenishment
The voxel is associated with all of the following (pg. 204 #56) Bit depth, volume element, and is measured in Z direction
The main difference between direct capture and indirect capture DR is that (pg. 205 #59) Direct capture / conversion has so scintillator
Types of shape distortion include (pg. 206 #67) Elongation and foreshortening
All of the following are related to recorded detail (pg. 206 #70) Focal spot size, SID, and OID
A 15% decrease in kilovoltage accompanied by a 50% increase in milliampere-seconds will result in (pg. 207 #77) Shorter scale of contrast
Focal spot blur is greatest towards (pg. 207 #80) The cathode end of the x-ray beam
What materials may be used as grid interspace material? (pg. 208 #87) Plastic and aluminum
What can impact the visibility of the anode heel effect? (pg. 208 #89) SID and IR size
What effects the quantity and the quality of the primary beam? (pg. 211 #108) Half-value layer (HVL) and Kilovoltage (kV)
Potential digital image postprocessing tasks include (pg. 212 #112) Annotation and inversion/reversal
HVL is affected by the amount of (pg. 212 #115) kVp and beam filtration
Examples of health care informatics include (pg. 214 #129) RIS and PACS
In digital imaging, as DEL size decreases (pg. 216 #142) Spatial resolution increases
Focusing distance is associated with what? (pg. 217 #152) Grids
Brightness and contrast resolution in digital imaging can be influenced by (pg. 219 #165) Window level (WL), window width (WW), look-up table LUT)
What feature is used to display RIS information on current patients? (pg. 219 #166) Modality work list
A decrease from 200 to 100 mA will result in a decrease in what? (pg. 219 #167) Exposure rate and beam intensity
A QA program serves to (pg. 221 #186) Keep the patient dose to a minimum, keep radiographic density consistent, and ensure equipment efficiency
Any images obtained using dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) bone densitometry (pg. 222 #188) Are used to evaluation accuracy of the region of interest (ROI)
What term is used to describe unsharp edges of tiny radiographic details? (pg. 224 #207) Blur
What are classified as rare earth metals? (pg. 224 #208) Lanthanam oxybromide and gadolinium oxysulfide
X-ray film emulsion is most sensitive to safe-light fog (pg. 225 #211) After exposure
What has the greatest effect on radiographic density / brightness? (pg. 225 #216) SID
How often are radiographic equipment collimators required to be evaluated? (pg. 226 #222) Semiannually
In digital imaging, as the size of the image matrix increases, (pg. 226 #223) Pixel size decreases, spatial resolution increases
Geometric unsharpness is directly influenced by (pg. 227 #230) OID
As window level increases (pg. 229 #240) Brightness increases
What units are used to express resolution? (pg. 230 #246) Line-spread function and line pairs per millimeter
Which of the following are methods used for x-ray film silver reclamation? (pg. 230 #247) Metallic replacement method and electrolytic method
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