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to kill a mockingbird vocabbb

assuaged ease, relieve
detention holding in custody
imprudent lacking, discretion, incautious
profane abusive, treat with contempt
pronouncement delcaration
entailment property limited to certain heirs, agreement
onslaught fierce attack
irked annoyed
refraining restraining, to keep from doing something
melancholy sad
tormention torturing
bewilderment confusion
whittles carves
direst worst
quelled overcome, thoroughly
fanatical obsessed
erraically sporadically
vehemently emphatically (force)
ruthless unscrupulous
beholden indebted, owing
elucidate make clear
litigant engaged in lawsuit
corroborate confirm/give support
gleaned extract (information) from various sources.
acrimonious angry or bitter
volition the faculty or power of using one's will.
temerity excessive confidence or boldness
sordid involving ignoble actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt
pinioned tie or hold the arms or legs of (someone)
encumbered restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult.
aggregated form or group into a class or cluster.
connived secretly allow (something considered immoral, illegal, wrong, or harmful) to occur.
habiliments clothing
mollify appease the anger or anxiety of (someone).
contentious causing or likely to cause an argument
persevere continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.
succinct briefly and clearly expressed.
acquiescent ready to accept something without protest
feral is an animal living in the wild but descended from domesticated individuals
stolid calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation.
Created by: Oliveloaf