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Radt 465

Image acquisition and evaluation

T/F Recorded detail and SID are directly related. True
What can grid interspace material be made of? Aluminum and plastic fiber
T/F Decreasing the field size will increase scatter. False. It will decrease scatters
T/F Increasing kVp will increase contrast scale. False. kVp and contrast are inversely related.
Ways to minimize motion unsharpness are... Patient instruction, short exposure time and suspend respiration.
When storing film in boxes you should store in which position? Vertical
What factors contribute to film fog? The age of film, excessive exposure to safelight and processor chemistry.
Xray photon energy is inversely related to what? Photon wavelength
How s grid ratio defined? The height of the lead strip divided by the width of the interspace material
What is the formula to determine the amount of image magnification. Image size / object size = SID / SOD
Chemical fog may be attributed to... Excessive developer temperature, oxides developer, excessive replenishment
What is the main difference between direct and indirect capture? Direct capture/conversion has no scintillator
What is the direction of electron travel in the X-ray tube is... Cathode to anode
What will improve spatial resolution if FOV stays the same? Larger matrix
The absorption of useful radiation by a grid is called... Grid cutoff
What types of shape distortion are there? Elongation and foreshortening
Examples of additive pathological conditions Ascites, rheumatoid arthritis, pagets, pneumonia, atelectisis, CHF, edematous tissue
What factors influences the production of scattered radiation? kV level, tissue density, size of field
A 15% decrease in kV accompanied by a 50% increase in mAs will result in what? Shorter scale of contrast
How are mAs and patient dose related? Directly proportional
What can the front of the image plate material be made of? Carbon fiber and magnesium
An increase in kV applied to the X-ray tube increases the what? Exposure rate
T/F A histogram illustrates pixel value distribution. True
What is the correct order of radiographic film processing? Developer, fixer, wash, dry
The reduction in xray photon intensity as the photon passes through material. Attenuation
Exposure rate will decrease with an increase in what? SID
A film/screen image exhibiting insufficient density might be attributed to what? Inadequate kV and grid cut off
What are the effects of scattered radiation on a radiograph if image? It produces fog
What are methods that help to reduce the production of scattered radiation? Compression and beam restriction
T/F Beam alignment, reproductability, and linearity are all tested as part of the QA program. True
Created by: blseaton