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HIV ARV therapy

Zidovudine NRTI
Abacavir NRTI
Lamivudine NRTI
Emtricitabine NRTI
Didanosine NRTI
Stavudine NRTI
Tenofovir NRTI (nucleoTide)
Class toxicities: lactic acidosis, hepatomegaly NRTI
AE: mostly myelosuppression; anemia, neutropenia, HA, malaise ZIdovudine (AZT)
BBW: non-cirrhotic portal HTN; AE: pancreatitis, CD4 toxicity with Tenofovir (TDF) Didanosine (ddI)
AE: peripheral neuropathy, mitochondrial toxicities, lipoatrophy Stavudine (d4T)
benign drugs with little toxicities; HA, N/V/D Lamivudine (3TC) Emtricitabine (FTC)
hypersensitivity--check allele; doesn't work viral load >100,00, penetrates CNS well Abacavir (ABC)
renal dysfunction--Fanconi's syndrome Tenofovir (TDF)
drugs with activity against HBV Tenofovir Lamivudine Emtricitabine
Efavirenz NNRTI
Nevirapine NNRTI
Delavirdine NNRTI
Etravirine NNRTI
Rilpivirine NNRTI
class toxicites: hepatotoxicity, rash NNRTIs
K103 mutations is responsible for resistance in these ARVs Efavirenz Nevirapine Delavirdine
Contraindicated with PPIs Rilpivirine
Atazanavir PI
Darunavir PI
Nelfinavir PI
Saquinavir PI
Ritonavir PI
Indinavir PI
Lopinavir PI
Tipranavir PI
Fosamprenavir PI
AE: Jaundice, scleral icterus, cholelithiasis, nephrolithiasis, requires acidic pH Atazanavir
AE: N/V/D; take with food to increase bioavail Darunavir
rarely used; really bad diarrhea Nelfinavir
rarely used; prolong QT interval Saquinavir
not an active PI anymore; pharmaco-enhancer Ritonavir
not used often; nephrolithiasis Indinavir
has Ritonavir in formulation; good pregnancy data Lopinavir
salvage drug--higher dose; AE: intracranial bleed Tipranavir
Raltegravir Intergrase inhibitor
AE: severe rash, CPK Raltegravir
Maraviroc Entry inhibitor
must be CCR5 dominant Maraviroc
BBW: hepatotoxicity Maraviroc
Fusion inhibitor; last line therapy; no DDI because it's a very large peptide Fuzeon
Sulfa allergy caution use of: Darunavir Fosamprenavir Tipranavir
AE: depression (Psychiatric disorders), insomnia, HA, rash Rilpivirine
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