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Trunk Skel Practical

Positioning info for TS practical

TSPINE AP 14X17 LW. CR to T7 (3-4 inches below jug notch) Cassette placed 1.5 inches above shoulders. Collimate to spine. (expiration)
TSPINE LAT 14X17 LW. Position true lat with no rotation of pelvis or shoulders. CR to long axis of tspine. (more posterior) Place top of cassette 2 inches above shoulders. Use breathing technique. Wider collimation
LSPINE AP 14x17 LW. CR perp to film centered at crest. Take on expiration.
LSPINE POSTERIOR OBLIQUES 14X17 LW. Position pt. into 45 degree oblique. CR centered 1.5 inches above crest and 2 inches medial to upside ASIS. Mark side down and use upside ear as a positioning mark for center of line. if zyga joints are more anterior pt is underrotated. If zyga
LSPINE LATERAL 14x17 LW. Position pt into true lateral. CR perp and centered to crest. May require 5-8 caudal degree angle. Verterbral bodies and greater sciatic notch superimposed.
L-5 AND S-2 SPOT 8x10 LW. CR 1.5 inches below crest and 2 inches posterior ASIS. 5-8 DEGREE caudal angle.
AP AXIAL SACRUM 82 kvp 20 mas 10X12 LW. 20 DEGREE cephalad angle centered midway b/n sym pubis and ASIS.
AP COCCYX 78 kvp 20 mas 10X12 LW. 10 DEGREE caudal angle centered 2 inches above sym pubis.
LAT SACRUM AND COCCYX 102 kvp 25 mas 10X12 LW. Position pt into true lat and CR centered perp 3-4 inches posterior ASIS.
SI JOINTS AP AXIAL 10X12 LW. 30-35 DEGREE cephalad angle (Drop vertical distance) centered 2 inches below ASIS. (On phantom center close to sym pubis to avoid cutting off top of joints)
SI JOINTS OBLIQUE 10X12 LW. Position pt into 25-30 degree oblique. (20) Side of interest up. CR 1 inch medial to upside ASIS. Mark side up.
RIBS PA/AP 72 kvp 8.9 mas 14X17 LW/CW Top of IR 1.5 in above shoulders CR centered to T7. Ribs above on inspiration. Ribs below on expiration
RIBS OBLIQUE 14X17 LW. Place pt in 45 degree oblique. If posterior, shoot side down. If anterior shoot upside. Shoot whatever side the spine is not on. Side of interest closest to IR for determining AP OR PA.
RAO STERNUM 10X12 LW. Place pt in 15-20 degree oblique with right side down. Top of IR 1.5 inches above jug notch. CR midway b/n jug notch and xiphoid tip, left of midline.
LAT STERNUM 10X12 LW. Top of IR 1.5 inches above jug notch. Position true lateral. CR centered midway b/n jug notch and xiphoid tip. A little more anterior, entering through pec muscle.
PELVIS 14X17 CW. Top of IR 1-2 inches above crest. center to center of film. Point toes inward.
Created by: Roentgen