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ART-111 Midterm

Art WorkInfo
Leonardo Da Vinci- Mona Lisa (1503-1505)
Otto Dix- The Skat Players (1920)
Frida Kahlo- Diego in My Thoughts (1949)
Zhang Xiaogang- Big Family (2003)
Andy Warhol- Four Marilyns (1962)
Column of Trajan-128 ft.-Rome, Italy (112 CE)
Terra-Cotta Warriors Pit No.1- Museum of the First Emperor Qin- Shaanxi Province, China
Aaron Douglas- Noah's Ark (1927)
Masacio- Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (1424-1428)
Suzanne Valadon- Adam and Eve (1909)
Marc Chagall- I and the Village (1911)
Max Backman- The Dream (1921)
Barbara Kruger- Maoney Makes Money and a Rich Man's Jokes Are Always Funny, and You Want It. You Need It. You Buy It. You Forget It. (2010)
Henri Matisse- Piano Lesson (1916)
Romane Bearden- Piano Lesson (1983)
Louisa Chase- Storm (1981)
Jaune Quick-to-see Smith- Eclipse (1987)
Alfred Stieglitz- The Steerage (1907)
Faith Ringgold- Tar Beach (1988)
Edward Hopper- Nighthawks (1942)
Richard Hamilton- Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes sSo Different, So Appealing (1956)
Zaha Hadid- Sheikh Zayed Bridge (2006)
Eugene Delacroix- Liberty Leading the People (1830)
Suzanne Lacy & Leslie Labowitz- In Mourning and In Rage (1977)
Betye Saar- The Liberation of Aunt Jemima (1927)
Miriam Schapiro- Wonderland (1983)
Marcel Duchamp- Fountain (1917)
Joyce Kozloff- Galla Placidia in Philadelphia (1985)
Dale Chihuly- Fiori di Como (1998)
Simon Rodia- Simon Rodia Towers in Watts (1921-1954)
CH. 2
Sol Lewitt- Lines from Four Corners to Points on a Grid (1976)
Jackson Pollock- Number 14: Gray (1948)
Edward Weston- Knees (1927)
Leonardo Da Vinci- Madonna of the Rocks (1482)
Emily Mary Osborn- Nameless and Friendless (1834-?)
Rimma Gerlovina & Valeriy Gerlovin- Madonna and Child (1992)
Elizabeth Catlett- Sharecropper (1968)
Sandro Botticelli- The Birth of Venus (1482)
Jacob Lawrence- Harriet Tubman Series No.3B with Four Red Squares and Two Planes (1996)
Gerrit Tietveldt- Holocaust Memorial (2000)
Mark Tansey- Landscape (1994)
Frank Gehry- Guggenheim Museum (1997)
Pablo Picasso- Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907)
Robert Colescott- Les Demoiselles d'Alabama (1985)
Elizabeth Murray- Tangled Fall (1989-1990)
A Rubin Vase
Edward Steichen- Rodin with His Sculptures "Victor Hugo" and "The Thinker" (1902)
Pierre-Paul Prud'Hon- La Source (1801)
Lorraine O'Grady- Mlle Bourgeoise Noire Goes to the New Museum (1981)
Leon Kossoff- Portrait of Mrs. Peto No.2 (1972-1973)
Rachel Ruysh- Flower Still Life (After 1700)
Meret Oppenheim- Object (1936)
Raffaello Sanzio- Philosophy, or School of Athens (1509-1511)
Gustave Callebotte- Paris Street: Rainy Day (1877)
Sylvia Plimack Mangold- Schunemunk Mountain (1979)
Alexander Calder- The Star (1960)
Gianlorenzo Bernini- Apollo and Daphne (1622-1624) Rome, Italy
Thomas Eakins- Man Pole Vaulting (c. 1884)
Bridget Riley- Gala (1974)
Created by: kculp1029
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